Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the games begin!

It always seems like someone's trying to take my money! It's such a game of twists and this, insure that...invest over here...give there.

Sometimes I feel like I could just buy one of those little spinner things and spin the dial to decide where it's going next. I swear it'd do a better job than predicting what is going to come up next!!

Ok - ok so life isn't THAT bad, but I'm frustrated. Roughly 6 months ago we refinanced our home loan. It worked out GREAT! We saved $300 a month by doing so...SO awesome, right? Well, not if you live in Illinois. In Cook county we have a special way of taxing people. The estimators of taxes say it's going to be "X" amount, so we do the necessary to put X amount in our escrow accounts. With cook county - it's actually 2 times X. Nullifying any savings on monthly payment at all. So, instead of saving $300/month on our house payment, it will go up $300. Which isn't THAT bad because it goes right back to where we were before we refinanced. So overall, it's not a horrible thing...just a rollercoaster to ride.

Ok - I feel better now. Thanks for sticking with me on that rant.

In other news - not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but we have a roommate. He's been staying with us now for a little over a month. At first I was a little hesitant, but it's actually going quite well. He's a good friend that has fallen on hard times, so we opened our home. I can't really explain it to those who don't know me - (ha lol as if anyone who doesn't know me reads this) but it's a total God thing. We love others because He deeply loves and provides for us. Despite this whole house payment debacle, God will provide what we need. Always. The 'roomie' as we'll call him is super helpful around the house. Now I know how the hubs feels! I finally know what it feels like to have a "fairy" around the house! A dishes fairy is especially wonderful to have. I leave for work and see dirty dishes around the kitchen - after work the kitchen is sparkling clean! Magic! You know what else is magic?! These newly acquired 'fairies' inspire the hubs to do more housework!

And might I add - he's doing an amazing job. Amazing. The hubs hasn't been this helpful around the house ever. I must say that the 2nd year of marriage is definitely better than the first!! I feel we're just more comfy with each other - and just work together better. Good times!

Well, that's all for now. Time to rework the budget!


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