Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My own use of talents

For the past few months I have been going to a Tuesday night Bible Study (or small group). One could find out more about that here.

Each week we are tasked with doing a daily devotional, memory verse, and a "live it out" challenge. I have become increasingly better at doing the daily devotional and have occasionally stepped up to the challenge of memorizing the weekly Bible verse. The one thing that I really have yet to really take a hold of is this "live it out" challenge. First of all, it's located on the very last page of the little devotional book for the week. This means that I see this challenge approximately 24 hours before our next meeting. At one point I resolved to just be a week behind, so at least I'd be doing them...but even then I seldom remembered. I need another strategy. Well this week, last night, I was in luck! Our fearless leader, Lina, has made it nearly impossible to forget the "live it out" challenge.

We are studying the whole book Luke and walking through Jesus's life chapter by chapter. One thing He was known for was the parables he would teach the people as He went from city to city. One such parable is in Luke 19. He tells of a master that entrusts some servants with "talents" or "minas" then leaves for a while. The servants are then evaluated by the master when he returns. Two of the three return with more than what they were given. The one remaining returns what he was originally given because he was afraid to do anything with it. The master is outraged that this servant wouldn't even put this money in the bank to gain interest.

This parable always gets me thinking anyway, but Lina took it a step further and gave us all eggs. Well, each of us received one single egg as our "talent". What in the world am I going to do with an egg? Make brownies? I thought of the grade school project where we had to create some type of protective casing to assure the egg would remain unharmed if thrown into the air and not caught. My egg did not break, by the turns out a box of strategically wrapped kleenex, tissue paper, and a simple gift box does the trick...but I digress...

What to do with this egg? More to come when I've had time to think...
Another thing that has captured my thoughts is the bridesmaid dress I received this week. A friend of mine, who I work with, no longer needed this beauty and I quickly snatched it up! Here is a picture of this project-in-waiting. I love the dress itself, so it was difficult to rip it up! But really - who is going to wear a BM dress again?
My goal is to make something from this dress this week. I most likely use the bright pink sash because what a lovely color!
Ideally, I would make a simple cosmetic bag for my friend who gave this to me...but can I get it done before her last day working with me?
So much to do, so little time...isn't that always the case? I have all these plans, dreams, hopes, goals, however so much of my time is sucked up by obligations. Working, sleeping, eating, cleaning...these things all take precious time! I am by no means complaining that I have a good job, safe home, and good food to eat, but I really wish we were coming up on a 3 day weekend so I could really sink my teeth into a few projects!


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