Friday, May 24, 2013

Bad week, good reminder.

I recently came across a blog post that made me stop and think.  I'm usually a "glass half full" kind of person, but sometimes (like this week) it feels like my cup is no where near half empty.  Nothing epic has happend and everyone's health is's just been a series of little things and overall exhaustion that has brought out the worst in me this week.

I don't often (if ever) post links to other blogs...mainly because I don't read them that often.  In this instance...I'm going to.  I don't follow this blog and don't intend on regularly checking it, but it certainly helped me get in the right frame of mind today.  So, thank you to those who are praying for me.  God is listening.  He's with me.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

100th Post!

I really have wanted to post more than I am, but honestly I'm also proud that I have kept this up for as long as I have.  I do love posting blogs and sometimes wish that I had more of a focus...but overall this blog works for me and my personality.  It's random, friendly, and it keeps you updated on the things going on with us...even though some posts are a full month apart!

We've decided to put our house up on the market!  We are SO excited.  I might be more excited than Brian because I probably have a lot less actual work to do than he does.  I must say that I am so impressed over and over by the work he does. I know his favorite part is the planning stage of things (followed closely by demolition), but he really does a great job on the things he does.  As time goes on I'm more and more comfortable with projects he dreams about on our NEXT house!  Haha.  Before even thinking about our next house we do need to get this one ready and we're guessing it will take a month...(so likely 2).  I will keep you posted!

In other news, Claire turned 11 months this week!  She just gets bigger and bigger!  I love it. I'm really anxious for her to walk.  Mostly because it will get us a lot closer to ending physical therapy.  I think she still has a couple more weeks to go, but she is so ready to get moving on her feet!  Love it!

I love that the weather is turning a corner, even though it's cold this weekend.  I love that the sun is still shining.  It's a beautiful looking Mother's Day and my amazing husband made me breakfast after church today.  We initially swung by Wildberries and it was a TWO hour wait!  I really hope we get to go there some day!

Ok, well I hear the hubbs going to town on the room upstairs so I'm gonna go help clear that room out!  He's laying floor tomorrow!

Pictures to follow...having trouble with uploading right now...
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