Friday, February 25, 2011

God at Work: Bob Zielinski

A few weeks ago we were at church and they shared a video during service. This video was about Bob. The minute Bob was on the screen he captured my heart's attention. I absolutely melt when I see little loveable older gentlemen...I mean everything about them just says, "hug me" Who doesn't want a hug from a grandpa???

Anyway, I wanted to share this because it really touched my heart.


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Weekends are such a wonderful thing. I'm always so happy to see them come and quickly sad to see them go. I suppose I wouldn't really enjoy the weekend for what it is unless I had a week of work to journey through, but still I always find myself wishing there was just 1 more weekend day!

Yesterday was such a lovely day, actually this weekend was wonderful. Friday after work the hubs and I watched Red (interesting movie...can't say I'd watch it again, but I did like it.) I think I have generally liked any more with Bruce Willis in it...I feel as though you just can't go wrong with him. I might even have a school-girl crush on Mr. Willis, but that's another story...

Saturday I got almost all my laundry done and did a quick cleaning of the house. It's not completely spotless, but I'm going for a "close enough"! My friend Kate came over and we attempted to make soft pretzels. What an adventure we were in for! Who knew it was so involved? We certainly didn't! We mixed a simple assortment of ingredients, let the dough rise...then came back and fought and fought with it! Brian did NOT have high expectations for the pretzels tasting anywhere close to good...however once pulled out of the oven...they were delicious! Our hard work paid off! I wish I had pictures to post. Silly me...we were so wrapped up in the making that I didn't document. Oh well...maybe next time. We also decided that beer cheese dip and a few pretzels covered in cinnamon and sugar would be delightful as well. Overall it was a success! Yum!

We then curled up on the couch and watched "The Town". Interesting movie. Again - good movie, but not one I want to view again. I just can't stand when they throw in a gratuitous sex scene...I mean - REALLY NO reason at's just SO incredibly awkward to be sitting there with the hubs and friend...staring...just agonizing on when this scene is going to be over. It lasted so long that we actually had a conversation around how awkward it was. Oh - the reason I won't watch it again was that it was a relatively simple movie...not because of the ridiculous scene(s).

I've made it to Sunday now. It's almost 3:30 right now and I have to make it to church by 4:15. Jr High youth group meets today! I believe we're a little short handed because of the high school winter camp. What a wonderful Jr. High team we have this year! It's so exciting to be a part of this group. I can't wait to see what comes of the remaining great to serve along side such great honor really.

Well -that's about it! Tomorrow starts another week - and this week my bosses are in town! I'm sure it will be a busy one! I'm already looking forward to next weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belated Valentines!

I love gifts in all forms...early gifts, just because gifts, birthday gifts, and even late gifts! Last night the hubbs and I celebrated a late Valentine's Day and it was off the charts. The only thing that could have made it better was if we could have taken today off work!

We went downtown and had dinner then went to Les Miserables....oh...what a wonderful show! It's a perfect balance of love, humor, and action! I have always loved the theater, even dreamed about being an actress, so the ideal Valentines celebration would be to be in the audience of a show such as this. It's truly a wonderful experience.

I was able to get out of work a little early, go home and change before the show. I came home to a very well dressed-good smelling husband! Near reason to just stay in the way he was looking!!! I love getting dressed up and going out, it's just so special. We finished getting ready and headed downtown to Atwood Cafe on State and Washington. I will never tire of going to Atwood. The ambiance is so eclectic and welcoming. The service is outstanding and the food is to die for...a true-blue special occasion restaurant. We arrived late because of my lack of navigation skills...but they had a table ready and waiting for us!
As we sat down our napkins were handed to us and the menu was laid out before us.

As we opened to see the delights inside I heard a snicker from across the table...

If you don't understand what's funny about the menu option...well...I just can't help you out...but let me just say that there is a reason we work with the jr. high!! haha

He decided on the steak and I on the pheasant! I ordered off the prix-fix menu. My main course came with a delish mixed green salad and an indulgent chocolate dessert...that will be pictured below!

We ordered a tasty beverage for each of us...

And relaxed, people-watched, and chatted while we waited for our food. It wasn't very long before my salad made an appearance...Brian "settled" for his beer being his "1st course"...

The salad was so refreshing and delicious...I couldn't wait for the next course! Soon it arrived!

Notice the little dome of mashed potatoes with Brian's steak! Wrapped in that little creamy mashed potato dome was strips of bacon...He said the onion rings smelled amazing...a dish fit for a king. My pheasant was off the charts as well. I'm sure my father rolled over in his grave when I ordered pheasant off the menu of a fine dining place, I can just hear him say, "You paid HOW MUCH for a pheasant?!? I could gone out and shot one for you for free!!!" Well, sorry Dad, Chicago knows how to get to me...

By the time we had finished our dinner it was 7:10pm and the show started at 7:30pm, so we were in kind-of a rush. They quickly brought out dessert...and the ticket shortly thereafter. Even though we were short on time...there was NO way I was skipping dessert!!!!

I am glad I didn't!

I put that chocolate delight away like no one's business! And we were off to the Theater!

The theater was just as beautiful as I remembered it. (when we saw Phantom)

We found our seats mere minutes before the lights when down to start the show. I some how found the time to rush to the bathroom and document the incredible legroom we had!

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the amazing view we had...I was so taken aback with the incredible amount of space between the seat and the just slipped my mind! I did, however remember to ask a complete stranger to take a picture of well as had us take our own because I really don't trust strangers to take a good picture of us anyway. Hahaa! I am so glad I did both!

Over all it was a wonderful date, I love my hubbs so much and couldn't think of anyone else I would rather share this special occasion with!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I like Valentine's Day. I generally don't get chocolates and flowers...but I do make sure I give flowers to my grandma. She is such a special person in my life. She is nearly 90 years old and has been in a wheelchair since she was 7 years old! She lives by herself in a small town, has a laptop computer, and checks facebook every so often.

When I think about the vast amount of things she has experience in just her's just sooo crazy! She's gone from no tv in the home to owning her own laptop. She's gone from the onset of

She has had at least 3 men ask her to marry her...and probably a few more that never got up the nerve to ask her. She met my grandfather on a train...and was asked to be the wife of my grandpa on a train as well. She is probably the sweetest person I know...and I love her so much.

My grandmother is a Christian and loves life to the fullest. You will never hear her complain about the life she was given. She embraces life with a passion and interest unlike any one I have ever met and has never let herself be limited by her chair. As a matter of fact...the people that truly know her never really even see her chair. Now - I know she probably doesn't believe that most days, but it's SO true!

When she goes to Heaven...she will leave behind such a tall order...such a life to strive be thankful in ALL things. She is thankful in all things. Of course she's not perfect, as none of us are...but she truly is a gem...and I thank God for her all the time.

So - in honor of Valentine's Day - I am dedicating this to my grandma. I love you and hope you enjoy your roses!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girl scrapbook

Click here to view this photo book larger

Finally!! I figured out a way to post my scrapbooks! I really hope this continues to work!

Ok -back to working on my quilt! Not much time left before church. It's too bad this scrapbook is already spoken for! I would've loved to put it on my Etsy site!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Proceed with caution...

Marriage is such a complicated thing. You talk to one couple about marriage and they say it's the best thing that ever happened to them. You interview another and they say it's the hardest thing they've ever done...yet another it's the biggest mistake they ever made.

How is it that over 50% of marriages fail? Certainly an argument for having God involved in your relationship can be presented. But what about other factors?

I really think it boils down to one thing. Selfishness. Are you willing to see beyond your own nose? If you get in a fight...are you first to apologize and make things right? How long do you wait for the other person to come crawling back? What are you willing to do to make things right?

Ok - so since I am on a rant...what about the men in this world who don't hold up to what they say they're going to do? Stand up for what's right, get a new job, take out the trash, quit a bad habit - pick one - get help DO IT! Ladies don't get off that easily either...when we are mad, emotional, hormonal, or just plain stubborn - we need to stop holding out on our husbands and expecting him to either read our minds or burst through the door with a big apology and red roses. We need to be careful about complaining and moaning to our girlfriends. We need to communicate our needs to our husbands and stop denying his needs.

Selfishness is rampant in this world, and unfortunately the church isn't immune to this rampant disease. We need to stop schlepping and side-stepping the blame, stop passing the buck and start standing up for what is true and right. If we can't treat our spouse or even spouse-to-be with kindness and love...that's a sad sad thing. Our spouse is supposed to be safe with us.

How safe is your home?

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year, New Goals

So it's decided...this blog will have a little personal, a little business, and a little spiritual tone to it... we will see how this works out.

So I thought I would share a goal of mine. I would like to focus on putting things on Etsy. If you know me, you know that I love crafty things. Although I never think that I will get rich off selling the things I make...I do think the things I create make very nice gifts. I've decided that as a goal, I would like to post 1 item a week on Etsy for sale. This will be a challenge for me because generally I only create or work on something if I "feel" like it. Most days I consider myself either tired, lazy, or distracted. HA! This goal is to help me stay focused on what I really like to do!

God has given me certain skills and talents...and I really need to make sure I'm using them! I mean, it's not like it's a chore to use them...and in the end I come out with a wonderful handmade product. I basically sell them for cost + a few more dollars. Like I said, I'll never get rich doing this, but who says being rich is the way to go anyway? Here is my most recent post...

I recently got back from our annual Jr. High winter camp. In two words, Incredible (and exhausting)! I think "exhausting" is pretty self explained...spend any amount of time with 140 Jr. Highers and you're going to be exhausted. ha! Incredible. This is a little more difficult to define if you haven't experienced it yourself. There's just something about actually seeing God move among this age group. They're so...just...honest with what they struggle with and what they are going through. We could certainly take a lesson from them in being transparent.

It's so humbling to understand that I am a part of their life's bigger picture. Really?! Me?! I can make a difference in this crazy kid's life? Why me? It's sobering to hear what some of these kids deal with on a daily basis...loneliness, persecution, family money struggles, suicidal siblings, death of family members...drug problems...just to name a few. In the midst of it all you see some of them approach life with beyond-their-years maturity. It's so awesome to see how much some of these kids want to glorify God in their's so encouraging.

I'm excited for what the rest of the year will bring.

OH for another goal now - I want to make an effort to get closer to my Jr. High girls and really find out how I can help them out. I really haven't been calling them like I should, so I think the relationships have suffered because of it.

I will begin contacting them more regularly and making a stronger effort to hang out with them one-on-one. I've always said that the reason I am doing this - devoting my time to these kids is that I never had anything like this available to me as a child. As an awkward goofy Jr. Higher - I would have given anything to have someone older than me interested in me. Parents out there need all the help they can get now days - with all the negative influences pulling at their teens. They need someone outside the family to encourage right and Godly decisions.

I am really excited for what the rest of the year will bring!