Sunday, February 20, 2011


Weekends are such a wonderful thing. I'm always so happy to see them come and quickly sad to see them go. I suppose I wouldn't really enjoy the weekend for what it is unless I had a week of work to journey through, but still I always find myself wishing there was just 1 more weekend day!

Yesterday was such a lovely day, actually this weekend was wonderful. Friday after work the hubs and I watched Red (interesting movie...can't say I'd watch it again, but I did like it.) I think I have generally liked any more with Bruce Willis in it...I feel as though you just can't go wrong with him. I might even have a school-girl crush on Mr. Willis, but that's another story...

Saturday I got almost all my laundry done and did a quick cleaning of the house. It's not completely spotless, but I'm going for a "close enough"! My friend Kate came over and we attempted to make soft pretzels. What an adventure we were in for! Who knew it was so involved? We certainly didn't! We mixed a simple assortment of ingredients, let the dough rise...then came back and fought and fought with it! Brian did NOT have high expectations for the pretzels tasting anywhere close to good...however once pulled out of the oven...they were delicious! Our hard work paid off! I wish I had pictures to post. Silly me...we were so wrapped up in the making that I didn't document. Oh well...maybe next time. We also decided that beer cheese dip and a few pretzels covered in cinnamon and sugar would be delightful as well. Overall it was a success! Yum!

We then curled up on the couch and watched "The Town". Interesting movie. Again - good movie, but not one I want to view again. I just can't stand when they throw in a gratuitous sex scene...I mean - REALLY NO reason at's just SO incredibly awkward to be sitting there with the hubs and friend...staring...just agonizing on when this scene is going to be over. It lasted so long that we actually had a conversation around how awkward it was. Oh - the reason I won't watch it again was that it was a relatively simple movie...not because of the ridiculous scene(s).

I've made it to Sunday now. It's almost 3:30 right now and I have to make it to church by 4:15. Jr High youth group meets today! I believe we're a little short handed because of the high school winter camp. What a wonderful Jr. High team we have this year! It's so exciting to be a part of this group. I can't wait to see what comes of the remaining great to serve along side such great honor really.

Well -that's about it! Tomorrow starts another week - and this week my bosses are in town! I'm sure it will be a busy one! I'm already looking forward to next weekend!


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