Sunday, January 22, 2012

20 weeks and counting...

So, I'm a little behind in my blogging, but am still proud that I've been updating this on a regular basis!  This is going to make such a great memory book some day!  Hopefully as time goes on I will get better at posting pictures, but for now I'm really happy about the somewhat regular updates!

Ok so on to the actual update.  We had the ultrasound and found out what the baby was!!  The good news is that I have pictures of the baby GIRL that's growing in my tummy!!!  That not-great news is that we really don't have any clue what to call this little nugget.  Knowing it's a girl does help us focus though.  I've gone back and forth on whether or not to share the names we are considering.  It tends to welcome everyone's opinion on the name process...but at the same time I always thought it odd when the parents wouldn't share what the name was. (no offense to those of you who do this...who knows maybe I will want to do this in the future?)

Below you will find 3 pictures.  2 of which look like a normal ultra sound...1 of which is a little creepy honestly. It's one of those 3D ones.  Neither Brian or I like this one, but since we only have 3 I'm posting them!  OH actually you will see 4 because I wanted to post the FIRST ultrasound that was done 8 weeks or so in. 

 Above is the 1st ultrasound image.  There's really not much to see - that little blob you see in the midst of the black abyss is our little baby.
 Here we have 20 weeks!  MUCH different!  I can't even believe it really. You can see a distinct head and nose, that little bump around her tummy area is a hand.
 Here she is on her tummy, which provides a great shot of her spine!  Her legs are all tucked up under her.  It's so crazy how you can see bones and all that through the ultrasound.  I never really thought about being able to see those.  She sure loves being curled up in a little ball though!
 This one is slightly on the creepy side. It's the 3D one.  I's not all bad, but just really different than what we are used to.  She was not really cooperating with this at all.  She had both of her hands over her face. (lol I used to do this as a child when I didn't want my picture taken) Finally the technician got her to take 1 hand down - and took the shot.
 After finding out what the baby was, Brian and I were hungry, so we checked out Meatheads...and loved it! Definite repeat!  I also got Red Mango for a treat!  Brian reluctantly let me go, but set his phone timer saying I only had 12 minutes to go, order, and eat it!  He totally cheated to because he reset the timer when I wasn't looking for LESS time!!!  He later redeemed himself and visited pottery barn with me.
 After visiting 2 day cares we were worn out! What a big day, more on that later...we went home and crashed for a bit.  Later that evening my friends Becca and Stef came over and made little cake-batter truffles with me! They are SO special to me, I can't even express how important their friendship is to me.  Anyway, so Becca was super excited and took a quick pic of Stef and I!  Stef is 5 days "ahead" of me!
I really am not fond of my hair in this photo...and feel I look terribly awkward, buuuuut it's a milestone and it MUST be recorded! THANK you Becca for making us do this! ha!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 19: new clothes

The first thing you notice is the placement of said lingerie in the department.  They are all in the back, you know, by the clearance items that no one wants anymore?  The second thing you notice very quickly is that you walk by all the cute sexy stuff only to find frumpy, non-imaginative, and limited color selection.  I sue the term "limited color selection" generously.  You can choose from white or nude.  Yeah, they do have black but only in ridiculously HUGE sizes.  The "smaller" sizes are all gone.

Once you get past finding them and the hideousness of them, you can begin to guess your size.  Stef and I had a really hard time with this.  Oh and they also have these jersey-like ones.  Hello?!? Can we say pointless?  I mean really!!  Who in their right mind would sport one of those pieces? Clearly no one living in a cold climate!!

We found a few and darted to the fitting room.  Changed, out on our tank tops...stepped out of the dressing rooms and burst into laughter.  THIS is what we have become!  I can't say I am used to needing much support, so this is all new to me.  There must be a better way!  The only thing I can say is that I did feel like the girls were safer-kept, you know?

I gave my new purchase a go today at work.  At first, things started out great.  As the day wore on I noticed some irritation feelings right in the middle of my chest, just above where my belly starts.  By the end of the day I didn't want to move at all!  The fabric was digging into my skin.  Ugh!  All ugly bras must be comfy! That's the rule! Otherwise, what good are they?  I'm going to adjust some straps and all that, I really hope this works!  

I also picked up some stretchy-top jeans. Not the cutest numbers, but at least I will be comfy!

Next week...we find out what we are having! Yay!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Babymoon Plans!

Ok, so I've been told that before I know it I will be aching to set up the nursery, clean, and get things all ready for the little bundle on its way.  Right now...I'm not really in that mode.  The mode I find myself in right now is planning to GET AWAY!  Vacation!!!  Ha - which is rather pathetic because we just got back from Christmas and New Year time off.

The vacation is more about Brian and I getting away alone though.  It's been a while since just him and I took a trip alone together.  Well, before this baby pops out - it's going to happen! 

We've decided on Savannah, GA!  I have been busy busy researching, planning, looking, and exploring the great deals online.  So far I have planned a great little getaway for a great price!  Get this - We have a flight to and from Atlanta (we're going to rent a car and drive to Savannah), 2 hotel nights in Atlanta and 2 hotel nights in Savannah and I've only spent $344.00.  What's UP!  The only thing I have left to book is the rental car!  Thanks to and our credit card reward points, this will be the cheapest vacation we've been on in a long time...possibly EVER! 

I am really looking forward to exploring Savannah, possibly Charleston (only a 2 hour drive) with the hubs!  We will have such a laid back time - it will be great!  As I figure out what we are doing I will write about it, but for now we just know when we are flying and where we are staying.  We are staying TWO nights in a 4 STAR hotel for under under $70/night.  4 starts, people!  Amazing!  I am ALL about the 'name your own price' option!  YES!

Ok - that's my update for today!  Back to work for me!  It's only 3:30pm and I just had to take a mini-break from recruiting to brag about my amazing deals!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas and New Year

Ok, so I really had to post 2 separate posts for the Christmas celebrations.  I generally don't like doing 2 posts in one day, but it had to be done!

After getting back from Chadron we worked a couple days and headed out again for Christmas #2 in Michigan. I know Brian loves being with his family (as do I) during Christmas time, I really liked getting flying-travel out of the way 1st.  We did it the other way around a couple years ago and I was more worn out than EVER. 

We arrived New Year's Eve and had Deluca's pizza waiting for us.  It is by far the best pizza I have had (other than homemade at my friend Becca's house) We watched the New York city ball drop and a weird performance by lady Gaga and went to bed.  I tried and tried to get them to open just 1 gift before bed, but I just wasn't winning.  The picture above was took with instagram on my iphone.  If you look closely you can see my kitchen aid mixer!  It's the big gift!!  :)
"Christmas morning" (New year's day) eventually DID come and we were able to open gifts!  SO much fun - below are a few highlights!

 Barb and Les looking at their photo album that Mandy put together.  It was so well done!  We even got a mini-copy to take home!  LOVE IT!
 Brian was told that if he guessed what it was...he wouldn't get to keep the gift.
 The girls opening their gifts from us!
 The dude opening his gift!
 YES! My KitchenAid mixer!  Love it!
 The girls had to open 1 gift together - each took a turn ripping.
 Brian's "carboy" ...ok he got a slightly bigger one.
 Tuckey checking out his 3-Tier cooling rack.
 Brian's super sweet acid wash PJ pants. 
 Liz opening her gifts.
 The dude playing with his new car rug and the girls spending some quality time with uncle Brian and his iphone.
 Pictured here are the kids waiting for their "reindeer poop" and Brian stood w/ me during an obligatory Christmas time picture. Thanks babe.

Happy New Year 2012!

I am pretty sure I resolved to write and read more last year around this same not sure I really want to commit to a full on "New Year's Resolution" this time around.  I would REALLY like to blog more though!  I don't think that will be difficult (at first) because I really want to make an effort to make 2012 a great blogging year!  Why?  Well - there are a number of reasons, but mostly a good friend told me about this service that will turn your blog into a book!  HOW cool is that?  I love photo books anyway, but now to have various stories through out the year, how wonderful!  What a great way to review the year!  I'm sold!  This means I will need to be consistent about updates as well as better about posting pictures and such. 

I think January 3rd is a great day to begin!  (lol as I'm typing many are at the gym beginning their resolutions!) I will try my best to take a picture every week (if not every 2 weeks) to map out my progress of my pregnant tummy.  I must's VERY weird to see my tummy grow.  For someone who is not used to gaining weight this is very new for me.  My husband constantly reminds me that the belly is because I'm pregnant. lol. YES I know!  It's still very new to me! 

Anyway, here is a picture of me 18 weeks preggo!  This is in front of my mother-in-law's beautiful real Christmas tree.  It always looks so breathtaking and it makes the house smell so good.  I definitely can't wait until we get a real one!

Christmas was SO much fun!  I got to spend Christmas with my family (at grandma's) this year - then we did "Christmas" at Brian's during New Year.  What a blast!  I know it was hard for his family (and him) to be away from each other...but I cannot express how special it was to actually wake up Christmas morning and have my family there with me.

Below you will see some highlights of Christmas...

 Brian and I snuck away to the gas station for morning gas-station-cappuccinos.  YUM! Merry Christmas
 Gift opening time!  Jess got a new kindle!  SWEET!
 Mom was SO shocked that we remembered she wanted one of those cheesy outdoor flag posts.
 This is my brother and husband swapping cookies that mom made. Matt likes the chocolate chip more and Brian likes the oatmeal craisin!
 Ok, Grandma didn't really get a shot gun for Christmas, Matt did.  It was just pretty sweet to see her hold it. Good thing I had a camera ready!
 This is grandma and "baby schupbach" we will soon find out if it's a boy or girl! 
 So - neither of us were crazy about taking a picture in the morning, but we were leaving that day and we are always so bad about taking pictures while there.  I'm really glad we set aside our vanity. Ha - and at least I'm not in a robe. hahahaaa
 Brian and I on Christmas morning. Love him!