Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I am pretty sure I resolved to write and read more last year around this same not sure I really want to commit to a full on "New Year's Resolution" this time around.  I would REALLY like to blog more though!  I don't think that will be difficult (at first) because I really want to make an effort to make 2012 a great blogging year!  Why?  Well - there are a number of reasons, but mostly a good friend told me about this service that will turn your blog into a book!  HOW cool is that?  I love photo books anyway, but now to have various stories through out the year, how wonderful!  What a great way to review the year!  I'm sold!  This means I will need to be consistent about updates as well as better about posting pictures and such. 

I think January 3rd is a great day to begin!  (lol as I'm typing many are at the gym beginning their resolutions!) I will try my best to take a picture every week (if not every 2 weeks) to map out my progress of my pregnant tummy.  I must's VERY weird to see my tummy grow.  For someone who is not used to gaining weight this is very new for me.  My husband constantly reminds me that the belly is because I'm pregnant. lol. YES I know!  It's still very new to me! 

Anyway, here is a picture of me 18 weeks preggo!  This is in front of my mother-in-law's beautiful real Christmas tree.  It always looks so breathtaking and it makes the house smell so good.  I definitely can't wait until we get a real one!

Christmas was SO much fun!  I got to spend Christmas with my family (at grandma's) this year - then we did "Christmas" at Brian's during New Year.  What a blast!  I know it was hard for his family (and him) to be away from each other...but I cannot express how special it was to actually wake up Christmas morning and have my family there with me.

Below you will see some highlights of Christmas...

 Brian and I snuck away to the gas station for morning gas-station-cappuccinos.  YUM! Merry Christmas
 Gift opening time!  Jess got a new kindle!  SWEET!
 Mom was SO shocked that we remembered she wanted one of those cheesy outdoor flag posts.
 This is my brother and husband swapping cookies that mom made. Matt likes the chocolate chip more and Brian likes the oatmeal craisin!
 Ok, Grandma didn't really get a shot gun for Christmas, Matt did.  It was just pretty sweet to see her hold it. Good thing I had a camera ready!
 This is grandma and "baby schupbach" we will soon find out if it's a boy or girl! 
 So - neither of us were crazy about taking a picture in the morning, but we were leaving that day and we are always so bad about taking pictures while there.  I'm really glad we set aside our vanity. Ha - and at least I'm not in a robe. hahahaaa
 Brian and I on Christmas morning. Love him!


daniel.and.stefanie said...

yay for belly pics!

Rach said...

Lol, stef you inspire me to take them!

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