Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Time

I know I haven't written in a loooong time, and it's likely it will be a while before I get the chance to again.  I just have to take one minute to document this momentous occasion. 

I'm sitting in my bed - the house is quiet, it's nighttime.  It's a little past 9pm, the girls are sleeping and Brian is at an all men's meeting at the church.  I'm technically supposed to be logging into work and setting my OOO message, but I couldn't help but stop and reflect for just a moment.

Tonight is the last night of truly being "renters."  You see, tomorrow is the day we close on our single family home.  I've been out in Chicagoland for over 10 years and never lived in a home that wasn't attached to a neighbor (or two or three). 

There's just something about buying a single family home.  Maybe it's the yard...the 3 bedrooms...the giant "attached, but not" garage...?  I don't know?  All I can say is that despite the amount of work it's going to be...I'm excited.

I'm looking forward to living in a neighborhood where neighbors TALK to each other...where we don't have a train in our backyard...and where I don't wake up at 3am to back-up-beepers and crashing metal.  I'm ready to be rid of countless FLOW-master mufflers and crotch-rockets zipping through the streets of the neighborhood. 

I'm sure the new home will have its fair share of annoying squeeky floors and 1960's-ness to it...but it will be OUR 1960's ranch...and OUR squeeky floors.  I know I'm romanticizing...but that's OK - our lives have been unsettled for 2-3 years now.  I'm ready.  I can't think of a better time to move - right before the Holidays!!!  I know the next two week will bring more stress than I want to think about right now, but in the end...we will have our home.  The girls will grow up there.  We will go through awesome times and tough times - together. 

I feel so blessed.  The Lord did NOT have to give this to us.  Once again we are experiencing an overwhelming portion of GRACE.  I'm so humbled and grateful.

I can't WAIT until closing!

Friday, June 5, 2015

It's been a long time!

Ok so it has like been over a year since I posted on this blog. I may or may not have given it up for a while. I'd love to catch you up...but a fear that's impossible.  I have something important on my mind so I'm just going to start there. 
I've recently been doing these devotions through a She Reads Truth app. It's honestly one the best things especially when you have a new born laying on you. It's so easy to pick it up and have access to solid devotionals written with women in mind. They are short, to the point, and challenging in nature. 
That being said I'm fulfilling a challenge made to me on this here we go!

1)The question was, "How is spiritual mothering already taking place in your community?" 
Answer: The picture of "spiritual mothering" in the book is quite amazing. An older woman teaches women my age the secrets of cooking as well as provides deep spiritual truths during her regular meetings with the younger women in the church. This is awesome, however not something that I see going on in my life right now.  However! What is going on is an incredible bond and commitment among the women my age in our small group. Yes, I've certainly had some mothering by one or two of them haha, but really we are all there to take care of each other and it's unlike anything I've ever experienced.

2) Has a godly woman influenced you in your growth in the Gospel?
Answer: yes. These same small group women have challenged me in my walk more than anything.  From Jess's discipline to Sara's ability to memorize to Kristin's ability to put Scripture to practical action to Becca's words of gentle truth when I'm struggling...  All of these women have had a major impact.

3) Has mentoring a young believer impacted your life?
Answer: This was convicting.  A while ago now I served in the jr. High ministry at our church, but since having kids I stepped away. I believe I've also had an impact on my small group friends, but I think this question is more pointing towards seeking out someone who is younger, both physically and spiritually.  This has me thinking about the few younger girls I have in my life and how I could apply Titus 2 with regards to them. I haven't worked everything out yet, but I want to do something.  I'm just not sure what that looks like yet. Of course, I can't forget that I have 2 girls of my own that I am responsible for mentoring and hope someday they have and are mentors as well. In the meantime I will ponder this more and hopefully this will be the start of a new-ish blog series/season for me. 
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