Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's get ready to rumbaaaaaaal....

So when I was a child my dad always watched boxing. I never really understood what was so exciting about it. As a child it was sooooo boring. (Ok I admit, I still think it's boring)

One thing I always looked forward to was when Michael Buffer would get into the ring and say the phrase he's so well known for, "Lets get ready to RUMBLE." He made it sound SO exciting!

Anyway, I bring all this up because my little girl is now wearing what looks like a boxing helmet. It's not the same material, but the shape definitely reminds me of those helmets the boxers wear! Haha. I'm actually considering painting it like one and putting "everlast" on it.

I picked her up from daycare today and she had one of their "loner" shirts on, only it happened to be a boy onesie that's red and blue with a football on it! Lol, she totally looked like a boy! I definitely need to girl her up a bit with this new addition.

She will wear it anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. We are hoping it's closer to 4! It's been kind of a pain to deal with...she just looks so incredibly uncomfortable! I can't even imagine what it's like sleeping in the thing! She has adjusted pretty well. I think she has a hard time staying asleep right now because she also has a bit of a cold right now. Poor baby. She's still in good spirits though and is taking it like a champ.