Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Visits - Part 1

We've had such a busy 2 weeks!  The weekend before Labor Day Claire took her first flight ever!  We went to Omaha and got to hang out with my family!  We also had dinner at my good friend's, Shannon, house, but I NEVER take pictures there!!! DUH!
 Anyway, it was a great trip!  Claire slept on the plane (and ate). We made it through both there and back without any crying! YAY! First stop in Omaha was Grandma Linda and Grandpa Don's.  We stayed there and had BLT's with Uncle Matt - then Aunt Jess came out later in the evening to say hi.  

The next day we went to Uncle Jeff's house and hung out with Kyle, Danielle, and Jeffrey - oh and Madison stopped by really quick to say hello.  Missy also stopped by on her lunch break.  Brian was so happy to hang with his buddy Kyle. 

Claire was ALL SMILES for Uncle Jeff...except when he was trying to take a good photograph in his studio.  Brian and I took are traditional "bunny ears" pics with Kyle.  Love HIM!

In the evening we went to have dinner at the "grill-master" Jude's house. (Jude has generously opened his home to Shannon and Luke) haha. I really wish I got a picture of Claire and Jude - he's roughly a year older than Claire - such a cutie!  NEXT time we get together - we must take a picture

Claire managed to take a nap on Grandma and Grandpa's KING size bed!!  She was very comfy!

The last day we were there we were in Omaha we went to see Great Grandpa Overton.  In the picture above Claire was very hungry and wiggly!  I believe she did get Grandpa Vic to crack a smile though, and that was good to see.  He said he wasn't feeling so good, so hopefully Claire was a good "pick-me-up" that day.  Before we knew it - it was time to head for the airport to fly home! 

Next weekend...MICHIGAN!