Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to work - short week

My sweet daughter sent me flowers for my 1st day back!
Going back to work on a Wednesday was a smart decision. I'm not sure if some one suggested it to me or if I came up with it, but either way I would highly recommend it to anyone coming back after an extended time away from work.

Claire was so good to me Tuesday night! She slept until 5:30 on the nose! I got up, fed her, put her in the bouncy seat in the bathroom while I took a shower, the talked with (at) her while getting ready for work. I was ready with enough time to spare to make sure all her daycare stuff was set to go and to dress her and still make it to the train station with enough time to buy a ticket for next week. Thursday morning was very similar only I had enough time to give her a bath! It was great! Friday she got me! Up at 4am!! Yikes! Up this morning at 3:30am! Thank God it's Saturday!

Overall I would say we both had a good week. By Friday I was aching to just hold her and have her smile at me. I nearly welled up when I picked her up from daycare that evening. She was pretty grumpy when I arrived, but when I got her home and laid her down to change her we discovered something new!!! Her LAUGH! I tickled her neck and she was giggling! It was soooo awesome! I'm trying to get a video of it now, but she's pretty stingy with her laughs right now! Brian I had some renewed energy after hearing that little giggle. How rewarding after my 1st week back.

This coming week will be a long one. It's normal for most other people, but I have something to look forward to at the end of it! We're going to Omaha on Sunday! We get to see great grandpa Vic, and grandma Linda and grandpa Don. Uncle Matt and and Jess...she gets to meet Jude - who sent her a gift before she was even born! Uncle Jeff and aunt Danielle Annnnd Uncle Kyle and aunt Madison....she's got a busy weekend coming! I hope we're all up for it.

10 weeks old today!
Overall it was a pretty good week. I love my boss and manager, love most the people I work with, and have a good job that has the potential to provide a good living for our family. I really can't complain one bit. It is difficult being so far from Claire during the day, but I really need to focus on how God has blessed me with everything else and not focus on what I don't have right now. Maybe some day I will be able to work part time or even stay home all the time, but for now I'm responsible for being grateful for my current blessings and challenges.

Here she is trying not to fall asleep

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It Begins.

Ready to go!
 There she is!  My little baby all strapped in ready to go to daycare.  Her "first day of school" - I called it all morning.  Despite having her shots yesterday she seemed to be in a really good mood this morning. 

I did have to wake up at 3:30am to feed her, but she really ate nothing yesterday, so that's fine - this chunker needs her milk!!

The morning went pretty smoothly.  As we all know (if you know me) Brian HATES mornings so this will be quite a transition for him.  He will not only need to get himself up and ready for work, but he will need to make sure she's fed and up and ready to go to daycare AND then take her there and some how get himself to work on time.  Hectic times are ahead!!

It's now 1pm and I'm dying to go pick her up.  They said I could call and check on her anytime, but I'm afraid to call because what if she's not doing well and screaming all day?  I don't want to know that!!  I'm meeting a friend to get some gelato in a few minutes then making a quick trip to Banana Republic to return a couple items...then darting over to the center!!  I can't help but wonder how today went?  There were SO many other kiddos when I dropped her off - I didn't think there were that many workers there either, so I just wonder how they take care of them all.  There were a few infants, but about 4 kids were walking. 

I find it interesting they don't have any swings or bouncy chairs!  Claire loves the bouncy chair - she will sit in it for 30 minutes perfectly happy...well...if you're talking to her and make sure you're not ignoring her.  She's a very social baby - likes to be talked to.

Anyway, first day of daycare is nearly over with - and I'm glad.  Tomorrow is my first day back to work!
Walking in!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Needle, BIG DRAMA!

The dreaded shot!  Ugh - who likes shots?!  NO ONE!  Now days there's even MORE drama surrounding the blasted needle!  "you're shooting your baby up", "you're protecting them from bad things", "you're making a mistake", "it's for her own good"

I could go on and on and on.

The controversy and passion inoculations bring up is right up there with politics and religion.

I decided to go ahead and vaccinate my kiddo.  Doing this for a number of reasons and I know some out there disagree with me and that's okay.  Just like in the realm of discipline and what our children eat...we all have to make some kind of decision that's right for us.  And since this isn't really an argument for one or the other - time to move on!

Claire and I showed up to the doc just like any other time...only THIS time Daddy wasn't with us!  That darn carseat gets SO HEAVY with her laying in it.  I seriously just want to cart the stroller everywhere so I don't have to lug that thing around in my arms.  I need to start lifting weights so I can keep up with my growing child!!

We usually get the purple room - this time was no different.  Come in - take her clothes off, take her temp, weigh her - 11lbs 5oz - measure her head, measure her length etc...  The doctor came in and told me what to expect in the next month and from the shots.  Then the nurses came in armed and ready!  1-2-3 - - 2 shots into the legs and before Claire gets her second bellow out - the 3rd one goes in!  And before we know it - both nurses are on their way out!  That is NOT a job I ever want!  How awful to have a count of how many perfectly happy adorable babies they made cry that day!!!  I hope there are better aspects of their job!

After just a couple minutes she calmed down and we got her dressed and then into the car.  Since then she's been pretty tired.  She's spent most the afternoon sleeping beside me while I'm on the computer - waking only to eat.  Hopefully she sleeps tonight!!

Tomorrow is the daycare dress rehearsal!  I'm off work, but Brian is getting up and taking her to daycare!  I will be up observing and then will drive separate to daycare to fill out any last minute paperwork and learn how to label everything and various other logistics. 

At 10:00am - I'm going for my massage!  :)  Mommy gets a day off!

Here she is patiently waiting for the doctor
Listening to her little heart...we might have a little murmur, keeping an "ear" on it is what the doctor says - check again next month, so far nothing to worry about!
Here's my little sugar bear a couple minutes after her shots.  Calm again - phew!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Precious few days

 I have had a really good week!  Claire is beginning to sleep longer through the night! I don't think things will be perfect by Wednesday, but we are headed in the right direction.  I just had to share the cute pictures above!  She is so loveable and huggable after her bath.  She rarely smiles though...she's usually very anxious to get to the next phase of the bedtime routine - EATING!  She rarely gets tense about food, but give her a bath at 9pm and you will see a ravenous side of her.

I have greatly enjoyed my 2+ months with Claire.  I feel like I have learned so much over the past 9 weeks.  I'm figuring out when she's sleepy, what her different cries are, and how to hold her so that she feels comforted.  It has been a wild ride and it's only the beginning.  We have had some incredible help along the way too - which I will never forget!

Another enjoyable thing about being home with her is the ability to have "play dates".  Ok ok at this age I'm sure the play dates are more about the adult interaction than the child's, but still I'd like to think we both look forward to them.  Below are 3 different play dates Claire and I had with Jake and his mom Stef.  Neither of them seem terribly interested in the other.  They just sort of play independently next to each other, but Stef and I are convinced they like the visits.  hehehe. 
1st Play Date...Jake was all about action!
Claire slept through everything...despite efforts to include her, poor Jake was left to play alone.
2nd Plat Date!  Claire was still very sleepy...there were a few looks and kicks, but it was still mostly Jake moving around.

3rd Play Date - Claire is awake!!!  This time it's her bouncing around while Jake just chills. They also had a GREAT helper (Lucy) to bring them lots of soft toys to keep them company.
 I must admit I have been letting Claire sleep on me or by me on the couch a bit more this week than usual.  I am just soaking up every last second I can before heading back to work.  I'm dreading those first days of drop off, but I will say that I don't think daycare is bad...I just am not quite emotionally prepared (nor will ever be) to drop off my little girl and leave her.  I know it helps socialize and it's a good place and there are plenty of professionals, but the last 9 weeks have been all about her and I getting to know each other and having a great time doing so.  I am SO blessed by this little munchkin!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a quick note

I don't have much time right now because it's just about time to leave for small group!  I have had the best day with Claire!  She's SO cuddly today I love it.  Okay okay...I'm totally spoiling her today, I let her fall asleep on me in the morning, and in the afternoon she slept on the couch right next to me while I updated her "blog" Claire's Shoebox!  It's a shared site by Shutterfly.

I will post the link and let me know if you want to know more.  If not - I won't be offended lol...I know that Claire is most important to me and I think everything she does is amazing and wonderful.  Some readers have their own kids and such who they think are wonderful.  I get it.

Anyway, the link is:

Have a great day! Gotta run.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Baby!

I must say that so far today Claire really has been a super baby!  It's not every day I get her to go down for naps so easily!  Yay - mommy gets a little break.  I love celebrating the little things!  Who knows, she could be a bear tonight, but I will still be thankful for my lazy day.
I've been able to do a couple chores around the house, but am trying to take it easy because I might have overdone it a bit the last two days.  It's pretty common for me to get 4-5 hours of sleep (broken sleep at that) then I try to nap during the day.  Those precious naps are coming to an end soon, so I'm doing my best to stay up during the day!!!  Wish me luck!

Ok - what you've been waiting for, I'm assuming is the explanation of super baby.  Well - at my amazing baby shower many people chipped in and made onesies for the baby!!  Now I'm in the process of documenting her monthly milestones in these onesies.  Hopefully she will fit into all of them at the right times!  Well, speaking of the little monster - I hear her calling!!  I will leave you with month 1 and 2!
yep...she is indeed wearing a cape
I just wanted to add this one to compare...she has definitely grown!