Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Baby!

I must say that so far today Claire really has been a super baby!  It's not every day I get her to go down for naps so easily!  Yay - mommy gets a little break.  I love celebrating the little things!  Who knows, she could be a bear tonight, but I will still be thankful for my lazy day.
I've been able to do a couple chores around the house, but am trying to take it easy because I might have overdone it a bit the last two days.  It's pretty common for me to get 4-5 hours of sleep (broken sleep at that) then I try to nap during the day.  Those precious naps are coming to an end soon, so I'm doing my best to stay up during the day!!!  Wish me luck!

Ok - what you've been waiting for, I'm assuming is the explanation of super baby.  Well - at my amazing baby shower many people chipped in and made onesies for the baby!!  Now I'm in the process of documenting her monthly milestones in these onesies.  Hopefully she will fit into all of them at the right times!  Well, speaking of the little monster - I hear her calling!!  I will leave you with month 1 and 2!
yep...she is indeed wearing a cape
I just wanted to add this one to compare...she has definitely grown!


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