Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to work - short week

My sweet daughter sent me flowers for my 1st day back!
Going back to work on a Wednesday was a smart decision. I'm not sure if some one suggested it to me or if I came up with it, but either way I would highly recommend it to anyone coming back after an extended time away from work.

Claire was so good to me Tuesday night! She slept until 5:30 on the nose! I got up, fed her, put her in the bouncy seat in the bathroom while I took a shower, the talked with (at) her while getting ready for work. I was ready with enough time to spare to make sure all her daycare stuff was set to go and to dress her and still make it to the train station with enough time to buy a ticket for next week. Thursday morning was very similar only I had enough time to give her a bath! It was great! Friday she got me! Up at 4am!! Yikes! Up this morning at 3:30am! Thank God it's Saturday!

Overall I would say we both had a good week. By Friday I was aching to just hold her and have her smile at me. I nearly welled up when I picked her up from daycare that evening. She was pretty grumpy when I arrived, but when I got her home and laid her down to change her we discovered something new!!! Her LAUGH! I tickled her neck and she was giggling! It was soooo awesome! I'm trying to get a video of it now, but she's pretty stingy with her laughs right now! Brian I had some renewed energy after hearing that little giggle. How rewarding after my 1st week back.

This coming week will be a long one. It's normal for most other people, but I have something to look forward to at the end of it! We're going to Omaha on Sunday! We get to see great grandpa Vic, and grandma Linda and grandpa Don. Uncle Matt and and Jess...she gets to meet Jude - who sent her a gift before she was even born! Uncle Jeff and aunt Danielle Annnnd Uncle Kyle and aunt Madison....she's got a busy weekend coming! I hope we're all up for it.

10 weeks old today!
Overall it was a pretty good week. I love my boss and manager, love most the people I work with, and have a good job that has the potential to provide a good living for our family. I really can't complain one bit. It is difficult being so far from Claire during the day, but I really need to focus on how God has blessed me with everything else and not focus on what I don't have right now. Maybe some day I will be able to work part time or even stay home all the time, but for now I'm responsible for being grateful for my current blessings and challenges.

Here she is trying not to fall asleep


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