Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It Begins.

Ready to go!
 There she is!  My little baby all strapped in ready to go to daycare.  Her "first day of school" - I called it all morning.  Despite having her shots yesterday she seemed to be in a really good mood this morning. 

I did have to wake up at 3:30am to feed her, but she really ate nothing yesterday, so that's fine - this chunker needs her milk!!

The morning went pretty smoothly.  As we all know (if you know me) Brian HATES mornings so this will be quite a transition for him.  He will not only need to get himself up and ready for work, but he will need to make sure she's fed and up and ready to go to daycare AND then take her there and some how get himself to work on time.  Hectic times are ahead!!

It's now 1pm and I'm dying to go pick her up.  They said I could call and check on her anytime, but I'm afraid to call because what if she's not doing well and screaming all day?  I don't want to know that!!  I'm meeting a friend to get some gelato in a few minutes then making a quick trip to Banana Republic to return a couple items...then darting over to the center!!  I can't help but wonder how today went?  There were SO many other kiddos when I dropped her off - I didn't think there were that many workers there either, so I just wonder how they take care of them all.  There were a few infants, but about 4 kids were walking. 

I find it interesting they don't have any swings or bouncy chairs!  Claire loves the bouncy chair - she will sit in it for 30 minutes perfectly happy...well...if you're talking to her and make sure you're not ignoring her.  She's a very social baby - likes to be talked to.

Anyway, first day of daycare is nearly over with - and I'm glad.  Tomorrow is my first day back to work!
Walking in!


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