Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Needle, BIG DRAMA!

The dreaded shot!  Ugh - who likes shots?!  NO ONE!  Now days there's even MORE drama surrounding the blasted needle!  "you're shooting your baby up", "you're protecting them from bad things", "you're making a mistake", "it's for her own good"

I could go on and on and on.

The controversy and passion inoculations bring up is right up there with politics and religion.

I decided to go ahead and vaccinate my kiddo.  Doing this for a number of reasons and I know some out there disagree with me and that's okay.  Just like in the realm of discipline and what our children eat...we all have to make some kind of decision that's right for us.  And since this isn't really an argument for one or the other - time to move on!

Claire and I showed up to the doc just like any other time...only THIS time Daddy wasn't with us!  That darn carseat gets SO HEAVY with her laying in it.  I seriously just want to cart the stroller everywhere so I don't have to lug that thing around in my arms.  I need to start lifting weights so I can keep up with my growing child!!

We usually get the purple room - this time was no different.  Come in - take her clothes off, take her temp, weigh her - 11lbs 5oz - measure her head, measure her length etc...  The doctor came in and told me what to expect in the next month and from the shots.  Then the nurses came in armed and ready!  1-2-3 - - 2 shots into the legs and before Claire gets her second bellow out - the 3rd one goes in!  And before we know it - both nurses are on their way out!  That is NOT a job I ever want!  How awful to have a count of how many perfectly happy adorable babies they made cry that day!!!  I hope there are better aspects of their job!

After just a couple minutes she calmed down and we got her dressed and then into the car.  Since then she's been pretty tired.  She's spent most the afternoon sleeping beside me while I'm on the computer - waking only to eat.  Hopefully she sleeps tonight!!

Tomorrow is the daycare dress rehearsal!  I'm off work, but Brian is getting up and taking her to daycare!  I will be up observing and then will drive separate to daycare to fill out any last minute paperwork and learn how to label everything and various other logistics. 

At 10:00am - I'm going for my massage!  :)  Mommy gets a day off!

Here she is patiently waiting for the doctor
Listening to her little heart...we might have a little murmur, keeping an "ear" on it is what the doctor says - check again next month, so far nothing to worry about!
Here's my little sugar bear a couple minutes after her shots.  Calm again - phew!


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