Saturday, October 1, 2011

Perfect mix of productivity and relaxing

Saturday is such a key day in the week for me. I always find Saturdays to be difficult to plan because a part of me know the house and laundry need attention, another part of me wants to hang out with friends, another part of me wants to get through errands, yet another part of me wants to relax and be lazy. How do I ever balance all of these? I also have my 8th grade girls thrown into the mix some too!

It's so hard to figure out which things to say YES to and which things to pass on...because generally...I want to do everything!

This Saturday I went shopping at Walmart with a couple 8th grade girls. We were buying things for our church food pantry. It was pretty interesting watching the girls navigate the store and weigh-in on what they thought was best to buy the people in need. Among the items were hot chocolate mix with colorful marshmallows, a jar of pickles, nutella, and various types of name brand sugar cereals. I'm sure those shopping at the pantry this week. What a great thing to have jr. Highers do! Get them thinking outside themselves!!

Next up...I really wanted to go to the apple orchard with friends. However, unfortunately...I had a disaster of a house to attend to! AND a mountain of laundry to concur! Ok I admit, and a nap to take. I missed hanging out with the girls which I'm sad about, but did make a dent in the laundry and the house has found some kind of order. Praise the Lord!

Ok time for church! Yes!

No matter how I feel...God is faithful

I've reached the end of another week! This week went so slow! I just felt like it was dragging so much! It's my 7th week with my new company and I really was feeling like I wanted to get an offer! As a recruiter, there's a big focus on placing candidates. If you are not placing people it starts to get to you after a while. I am not expected to actually get any hires for another month, but it is nice if I do. appears that I will have TWO offers on Monday! I'm terribly excited! It sounds like my candidates will accept the positions too...which is a big win!

Again, God continues to show up in my life. He continually shows me I don't need to worry about my situation or problems...He has a plan and it's perfect. Yet I still even today have struggled with being worried about the future. Maybe worried is not exactly the right term, but I just want to have a hand in controlling the future. You know?

You see, my parents and the hub's parents plus family are coming out to visit in cool would it be to tell them we are expecting?! I know, it's just awful for me to think like that...but that's just where my brain goes. Even after God has shown me time and time again that He knows best and will take care of us, I still desperately want to grab the reigns from Him. Truth of the matter is, I probably don't even know the depth of what I am really desiring. To want probably a crazy wish...I'm sure of it! I really am trying to soak in and enjoy my time spent with Brian. I have observed what children do with your time and ability to go on dates and such. I'm sure it's a positive trade off, but it's still a major change in life and I try to remind myself of that each time my cycle starts over.

I do think that I have come to grips with the fact that we have honestly been trying for over year and have been unsuccessful. It's a weird feeling really. Definitely humbling. It's humbling because you can only do so much...then pretty much God has to do the rest. I have been more faithful about bringing this want to the Lord though and plan on continuing.

He has been faithful in the past and I know He has a great plan for our future.