Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Since my Dad passed away in 2007 Father's Day hasn't really been the same for me (as you can probably imagine).  When I think back at all the Father's days I spent with him, I can't really remember a specific one.  I do remember how much he loved spending time with me no matter what the day.

Dad was one of the most stubborn people I know.  He was hard-headed, grumpy at times, and saw the world through the eyes of Fox News. "fair and balanced" he would quote.  From time to time he would rant and rave about how all our problems came, "The Democrats." I swear if there was an issue that he had to deal with you could rest assure he would some how loop it around to blame it on the Democrats. 

He also loved EBay.  That man would spend hours and hours looking at eBay.  eBay was among the very few things that could make him sit still.  Another was NASCAR races.  For a man who couldn't stay in one place for more than 45 minutes without getting antsy, it was amazing the hold that NASCAR had on him.  He would actually tape the race!  Can you imagine how many VHS tapes he went through?  He was a big fan of Dale Earnhardt, "the Intimidator."  the erie thing is dad looked a little like him.  It was kinda weird.  I definitely cannot see anything Dale Earnhardt related and not think of my dad.  I'm pretty sure a little part of him died when the #3 driver met his maker that fateful day. Naturally he started following his son, Junior, but it never really was the same.

Dad probably didn't experience a lot of love growing up.  Times were hard and they were poor.  His father was a cold, hard man.  I don't know much about my grandfather on that side, but I have to think there's a reason he's not talked about much.  Dad did make sure that I knew he loved me.  He would seriously call me every day.  Sometimes more than once.  He never left a message, just kept calling until he got me. He'd tell me in the cheesiest way sometimes...but he told me, and hugged me and kissed me.  The more years I am given on this earth, the more I realize what a treasure this was.  I had no idea the number of people that have never heard, "I love you" from their Dads!  He made sure in had cool stuff like cameras and video games.  He'd always make it clear that I was a smart kid and I could do anything I wanted to in life.  He pushed me to go to college and do well.  

I miss him.  I never really thought about the calls stopping.  Silence.  His specific ring tone never rang again after June 9th, 2007.  That was hard.  Shortly after I did get a new phone to stop myself from waiting for that blasted ring. It was such am annoying ring, how could anyone miss it??  

So, to all those out there who still have their Dads around...make sure you let them know you love them.  You appreciate their ridiculous attempts at showing their love, and you even love the stubbornness about them.  When someone is gone, some how all the annoying bad traits become endearing. 

The good news is that I believe I will see him again some day in Heaven.  That's another story for another time.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  {{{points to the eye, makes a heart shape on chest with fingers, points to sky}}}

I love you.