Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a quick note

I don't have much time right now because it's just about time to leave for small group!  I have had the best day with Claire!  She's SO cuddly today I love it.  Okay okay...I'm totally spoiling her today, I let her fall asleep on me in the morning, and in the afternoon she slept on the couch right next to me while I updated her "blog" Claire's Shoebox!  It's a shared site by Shutterfly.

I will post the link and let me know if you want to know more.  If not - I won't be offended lol...I know that Claire is most important to me and I think everything she does is amazing and wonderful.  Some readers have their own kids and such who they think are wonderful.  I get it.

Anyway, the link is:

Have a great day! Gotta run.


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