Friday, January 6, 2012

Babymoon Plans!

Ok, so I've been told that before I know it I will be aching to set up the nursery, clean, and get things all ready for the little bundle on its way.  Right now...I'm not really in that mode.  The mode I find myself in right now is planning to GET AWAY!  Vacation!!!  Ha - which is rather pathetic because we just got back from Christmas and New Year time off.

The vacation is more about Brian and I getting away alone though.  It's been a while since just him and I took a trip alone together.  Well, before this baby pops out - it's going to happen! 

We've decided on Savannah, GA!  I have been busy busy researching, planning, looking, and exploring the great deals online.  So far I have planned a great little getaway for a great price!  Get this - We have a flight to and from Atlanta (we're going to rent a car and drive to Savannah), 2 hotel nights in Atlanta and 2 hotel nights in Savannah and I've only spent $344.00.  What's UP!  The only thing I have left to book is the rental car!  Thanks to and our credit card reward points, this will be the cheapest vacation we've been on in a long time...possibly EVER! 

I am really looking forward to exploring Savannah, possibly Charleston (only a 2 hour drive) with the hubs!  We will have such a laid back time - it will be great!  As I figure out what we are doing I will write about it, but for now we just know when we are flying and where we are staying.  We are staying TWO nights in a 4 STAR hotel for under under $70/night.  4 starts, people!  Amazing!  I am ALL about the 'name your own price' option!  YES!

Ok - that's my update for today!  Back to work for me!  It's only 3:30pm and I just had to take a mini-break from recruiting to brag about my amazing deals!


Jared and Sara Christensen said...

I found your blog! Savannah and Charleston rate as two of the nicest places in the South. Jared and I loved both places. You will have a great time! Do make sure you eat some shrimp and grits while you are there!

Rach said...

Yay!! I might actually have 4 readers now!!

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