Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 19: new clothes

The first thing you notice is the placement of said lingerie in the department.  They are all in the back, you know, by the clearance items that no one wants anymore?  The second thing you notice very quickly is that you walk by all the cute sexy stuff only to find frumpy, non-imaginative, and limited color selection.  I sue the term "limited color selection" generously.  You can choose from white or nude.  Yeah, they do have black but only in ridiculously HUGE sizes.  The "smaller" sizes are all gone.

Once you get past finding them and the hideousness of them, you can begin to guess your size.  Stef and I had a really hard time with this.  Oh and they also have these jersey-like ones.  Hello?!? Can we say pointless?  I mean really!!  Who in their right mind would sport one of those pieces? Clearly no one living in a cold climate!!

We found a few and darted to the fitting room.  Changed, out on our tank tops...stepped out of the dressing rooms and burst into laughter.  THIS is what we have become!  I can't say I am used to needing much support, so this is all new to me.  There must be a better way!  The only thing I can say is that I did feel like the girls were safer-kept, you know?

I gave my new purchase a go today at work.  At first, things started out great.  As the day wore on I noticed some irritation feelings right in the middle of my chest, just above where my belly starts.  By the end of the day I didn't want to move at all!  The fabric was digging into my skin.  Ugh!  All ugly bras must be comfy! That's the rule! Otherwise, what good are they?  I'm going to adjust some straps and all that, I really hope this works!  

I also picked up some stretchy-top jeans. Not the cutest numbers, but at least I will be comfy!

Next week...we find out what we are having! Yay!


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