Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas and New Year

Ok, so I really had to post 2 separate posts for the Christmas celebrations.  I generally don't like doing 2 posts in one day, but it had to be done!

After getting back from Chadron we worked a couple days and headed out again for Christmas #2 in Michigan. I know Brian loves being with his family (as do I) during Christmas time, I really liked getting flying-travel out of the way 1st.  We did it the other way around a couple years ago and I was more worn out than EVER. 

We arrived New Year's Eve and had Deluca's pizza waiting for us.  It is by far the best pizza I have had (other than homemade at my friend Becca's house) We watched the New York city ball drop and a weird performance by lady Gaga and went to bed.  I tried and tried to get them to open just 1 gift before bed, but I just wasn't winning.  The picture above was took with instagram on my iphone.  If you look closely you can see my kitchen aid mixer!  It's the big gift!!  :)
"Christmas morning" (New year's day) eventually DID come and we were able to open gifts!  SO much fun - below are a few highlights!

 Barb and Les looking at their photo album that Mandy put together.  It was so well done!  We even got a mini-copy to take home!  LOVE IT!
 Brian was told that if he guessed what it was...he wouldn't get to keep the gift.
 The girls opening their gifts from us!
 The dude opening his gift!
 YES! My KitchenAid mixer!  Love it!
 The girls had to open 1 gift together - each took a turn ripping.
 Brian's "carboy" ...ok he got a slightly bigger one.
 Tuckey checking out his 3-Tier cooling rack.
 Brian's super sweet acid wash PJ pants. 
 Liz opening her gifts.
 The dude playing with his new car rug and the girls spending some quality time with uncle Brian and his iphone.
 Pictured here are the kids waiting for their "reindeer poop" and Brian stood w/ me during an obligatory Christmas time picture. Thanks babe.


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