Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belated Valentines!

I love gifts in all forms...early gifts, just because gifts, birthday gifts, and even late gifts! Last night the hubbs and I celebrated a late Valentine's Day and it was off the charts. The only thing that could have made it better was if we could have taken today off work!

We went downtown and had dinner then went to Les Miserables....oh...what a wonderful show! It's a perfect balance of love, humor, and action! I have always loved the theater, even dreamed about being an actress, so the ideal Valentines celebration would be to be in the audience of a show such as this. It's truly a wonderful experience.

I was able to get out of work a little early, go home and change before the show. I came home to a very well dressed-good smelling husband! Near reason to just stay in the way he was looking!!! I love getting dressed up and going out, it's just so special. We finished getting ready and headed downtown to Atwood Cafe on State and Washington. I will never tire of going to Atwood. The ambiance is so eclectic and welcoming. The service is outstanding and the food is to die for...a true-blue special occasion restaurant. We arrived late because of my lack of navigation skills...but they had a table ready and waiting for us!
As we sat down our napkins were handed to us and the menu was laid out before us.

As we opened to see the delights inside I heard a snicker from across the table...

If you don't understand what's funny about the menu option...well...I just can't help you out...but let me just say that there is a reason we work with the jr. high!! haha

He decided on the steak and I on the pheasant! I ordered off the prix-fix menu. My main course came with a delish mixed green salad and an indulgent chocolate dessert...that will be pictured below!

We ordered a tasty beverage for each of us...

And relaxed, people-watched, and chatted while we waited for our food. It wasn't very long before my salad made an appearance...Brian "settled" for his beer being his "1st course"...

The salad was so refreshing and delicious...I couldn't wait for the next course! Soon it arrived!

Notice the little dome of mashed potatoes with Brian's steak! Wrapped in that little creamy mashed potato dome was strips of bacon...He said the onion rings smelled amazing...a dish fit for a king. My pheasant was off the charts as well. I'm sure my father rolled over in his grave when I ordered pheasant off the menu of a fine dining place, I can just hear him say, "You paid HOW MUCH for a pheasant?!? I could gone out and shot one for you for free!!!" Well, sorry Dad, Chicago knows how to get to me...

By the time we had finished our dinner it was 7:10pm and the show started at 7:30pm, so we were in kind-of a rush. They quickly brought out dessert...and the ticket shortly thereafter. Even though we were short on time...there was NO way I was skipping dessert!!!!

I am glad I didn't!

I put that chocolate delight away like no one's business! And we were off to the Theater!

The theater was just as beautiful as I remembered it. (when we saw Phantom)

We found our seats mere minutes before the lights when down to start the show. I some how found the time to rush to the bathroom and document the incredible legroom we had!

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the amazing view we had...I was so taken aback with the incredible amount of space between the seat and the just slipped my mind! I did, however remember to ask a complete stranger to take a picture of well as had us take our own because I really don't trust strangers to take a good picture of us anyway. Hahaa! I am so glad I did both!

Over all it was a wonderful date, I love my hubbs so much and couldn't think of anyone else I would rather share this special occasion with!


daniel.and.stefanie said...

Aww it looks like SUCH a great Valentine's Day celebration!! I love the pictures of all the food lol It reminds me of Florida :)

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