Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get involved.

Recently during the small group I attend threw out a challenge. I believe I mentioned one in an earlier post involving an egg. To update the 2 to 4 people who read my blog I must confess. I, personally, did nothing with the egg! {gasp} HOWEVER! My husband did! So...I counts, right? Don't you believe in that whole "two become one" thing??? :)

I had thought and thought about what in the world to do with this egg I was given. I googled egg crafts, talked to others about it, and looked up recipes. Unfortunately, for me and the egg this past weekend was daylight saving...and the beginning of the week was a little rough, so Tuesday night came more quickly than I thought it would!

Enter The Hubs! My hero! He grabbed a bag of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, the hand mixer, my egg and a few other things and whipped up a batch of cookies!! Isn't he amazing? I mean really - he HATES baking. Come to think of it I am pretty sure he will never ever ever bake again. The oven is strictly used for pizza, pizza rolls, or anything else related to dinner...but NEVER for baking. (as far as he's concerned)
But he knew I needed something to take, so he set his hate aside for me. That's love you know? Challenge met! I had something to bring to small group!
This week the challenge is a bit more involved. Thanks Lina. We are tasked with making a difference in our own community.
So, I called the Village and after being transferred around a few different times I found the right voicemail. Turns out they have special events at most Townships where they need volunteers to set up/tear down and help direct traffic on most holidays. Sounds pretty cool.
They have one coming up where they invite families/kids to make easter baskets. Sounds interesting, so I'm hoping to find a few friends and help out! If all else fails and I find no one then I will go grocery shopping and donate to the food pantry in our Village. That's the least I can do. I'm sure it's been hit hard in the last couple years.

Well - that's all for now.


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