Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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So here I am at my favorite Starbucks.

I worked from home today and am supposed to meet a Supplier of mine at Starbucks at 3:30. I decided home was getting a little...well...quiet and I needed a change of scenery earlier than 3:30, so I ventured there at 1:30ish.

Upon entering I noticed a certain pastor from my church meeting with someone. They were sitting so close to me! Ha! I was immersed in some boring spreadsheet for work, so I did my best not to listen in on their conversation...but I must admit it was a little difficult to mind my business. For the most part I resisted temptation...although don't be too impressed because it was mostly because I found their conversation uninteresting to me.

Their meeting ended and the table was left empty.

A few minutes went by and my Starbucks "date" (if you will) canceled. what to do? Well, home is still probably pretty quiet, and Starbucks is active and interesting. Besides, home has all kinds of distractions that pull me from working. (like my sewing machine!)

Since I decided to stay, I broke down and ordered a sandwich and chai tea latte. I will not go into how much I love chai tea lattes...but just know they are a great love of mine. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting...well...anywhere sipping a chai tea latte. There are many other drinks that I truly enjoy, but my favorite is this drink. The sandwich had this spicy Dijon mustard. I am not crazy about the mustard, but the creamy goodness of the latte far outweighed my displeasure with the sandwich.

As I'm finishing up my poor excuse for a late lunch. Who should walk in but Lina's sister!! Right there in person. (to those of you who are not familiar with Lina, she's the women's ministry director of my church. sooo fun, warm, and just enough crazy to make her amazing) She talks about how wonderful her sister is all the time. I also remember seeing some amazing food displayed one small group evening at her sister's table...made me want to resign from my own group and join theirs (sorry small group...but good food is good food haha). She's actually very pretty to me as well...she has a nice, welcoming smile. No wonder Lina likes her so much.

I'm sure the term "lina's sister" isn't exactly what she wants to be called, so I tell her my name and naturally she tells me hers. She's with her son, while her other boy finishes something at school. I think to myself - how cool! How cool would it have been when I was going to school to take a trip to Starbucks to do homework! Anyway - I'm rambling...

So here I went to Starbucks thinking I was going to meet up with 1 person - and end up meeting someone else. Well, I think it's cool.

Update on the bridal shower - I have purchased the invitations!!! I will hopefully post in my next entry!


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