Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It was bound to happen.

So, I'm sick.


Better new first though. Brian is back from his watch training and seems very excited about all the amazing things he learned. How refreshing! It's always cool when you get to travel for your's cool if it's not a regular part of your job, I guess.

I greatly enjoyed the time I had to myself while he was gone, however I might have been just a little too busy and not had enough rest because by the time he was back I was sick with whatever I have now.

Being sick is humbling...and annoying. There's nothing more annoying that the person who can't stop coughing. That person is ME right now! I don't even want to sleep with myself, I'm sure the hubs is not thrilled with my occasional coughing fits. It's a little ridiculous how quickly and viciously they attack! Dry, constant, annoying cough cough cough. Sometimes it even sounds like I'm choking as I'm gasping for air mid-cough. Crazy.

I went to the doctor yesterday and told him of my woes. He's sympathetic. I like that in a doctor. Bedside manner is nearly everything with me. I'm pretty sure anyone could put on a lab coat and pretend to be a doctor and as long as I felt like he/she was nice and wanted to help me, I would listen. Fortunately, my doctor IS a real doctor and not just pretending. Dr. Jay - he prescribed some we will see what that does.

I have been on this medicine for a whole day now and can definitely tell a difference, however it has not helped one slight thing. My right ear is ringing. Constantly ringing. I can only hear it if the room is quiet (like at bedtime when I'm trying to sleep) or if I plug my ear. Weird, huh! My doc is hoping this will subside with the cold, but we will see. Nothing has changed so far, but I feel worse today than I did yesterday.

I think it's so lame that you can do absolutely nothing all day and be worn out. What's up with that? I've literally done nothing but take a shower today and I feel like I've run a marathon. I've never actually run a marathon, but a few close friends have, so I'm pretty sure they felt like this when they were done with the marathon.

So, I will close by saying that I hope no one gets this cold. It's no fun. Even though I didn't have to go grocery shopping or cook last night - I would still rather be well!


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