Sunday, March 13, 2011

Decisions decisions....

At this point in my blogging 'career' so to speak I wish I had more followers so I could draw on their opinions. I know a few more than 2 people check this from time to time, so hopefully I can get some opinions! If all else fails I will shamelessly send a link to my family and close friends and get their opinions! Well, at least I know my grandmother will check and she will give me her opinion! HA!

Well, I'm going to post pictures of the invitations (for my sis-in-law-to-be) for the bridal shower. I really need to narrow things down a bit! All of these invites are designed by a seller on Etsy. To check more out click here. The 1st one is probably my favorite...and the 2nd is my 2nd favorite...I think?? I should just stop right there, but they're so cute!!!

I'm considering the last two because she has a cherry blossom tattoo that was recently completed. I do have kind-of a french theme going on, but perhaps I will down-play that and focus more on the 'girly' aspect of the whole thing. I am still waiting on a quote from the French Cafe, so hopefully I will hear from them this week!

So...comment and tell me what you like. Even if I only get 2's better than nothing!


Sweet Floweret said...

I like the 2nd one and the yellow and gray one.

Rach said...

I ended up choosing the top one! I really did like the yellow and gray as well.

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