Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

Ok this will probably be a pretty short post, but I just must get pictures up of the things I've been working on! I've been dying to get pictures of the baby boy quilt I completed. I'm mostly happy with it. I find that if you get up close to it, it feels a little busy to me. I'm still pretty proud of it though. It is my 2nd quilt!! I don't want to brag...but I'd say it's pretty stinkin' good for a 2nd quilt!!
The hubs helped me pick out the fabrics. I just love the "little monkey" one! I could seriously make a whole room out of cute little monkey themed things! I love how you see more and more of these types of decorations! Oh man - so Pottery Barn has the CUTEST little baby set called Jackson, I believe? It has whales as the theme!! How adorable! Seriously! I know of this because my friend Shannon is having a baby boy and she is really in to vintage nautical stuff, so I had to check out Pottery Barn to see if they had anything that she MUST have! haha.

I've decided to do baby quilts because they're so much easier to work with! For my first quilt I made a lap size...and while that is a great size to cover up ends up being so overwhelming to work with because of the weight. Once I have cranked out a couple of these little guys I'll be ready to tackle a lap or even queen size one! THAT will be exciting!

What's next? Well, a couple things! I am so pumped to start working on a baby boy scrapbook for my friend Kristin. She's so much fun!! She just found out she is having a boy, so her and her husband are in the thick of selecting room decor. Pre-made scrapbooks are perfect for new mommies! They only need to worry about selecting the best picture for the page and sticking it in the album! I can't wait to share the completed book and I haven't even started on it yet! Stay tuned!
Okay this post is longer than I was expecting...but one more thing! Here are a couple of squares for the quilt I'm working on now. I need to find someone that's having a baby girl because this is the cuuutest combo I've seen yet. (If I don't say so myself)!!


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