Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm so excited!!! I just finished my first project using material from an old (slightly used) bridesmaid dress! I think it turned out great!

My friend Sarah graciously donated the bridesmaid dress she wore in her brother's wedding. She mentioned that it would be fun to have a cosmetic bag made out of the pink sash material, so I went home last night after work and put one together! The sweet part of all this is being able to make something out of a dress that no one is going to use again. AND being able to give a unique 'good-bye' gift to a friend. The bitter part of all the good-bye part. This friend used to sit by me at work and now is moving on to bigger and better things. I will miss her.

I had downloaded a Keyka Lou pattern with the intent of making a cute little clutch anyway, so last night was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

I wish I would have documented my journey through making this little gem! It wasn't easy because my machine was not cooperating! I ended up bending a sewing machine needle and calling the place where I purchased the machine in a panic...hoping that I didn't have to take it in to have it fixed. The nice, calm lady on the phone (Laura) guided me through the steps to see if anything was truly wrong. Fortunately, there wasn't! Back to sewing - YES!

The little wristlet wasn't much different than some other purses I've made, however it did take quite a bit more effort. I'm not sure you can tell the difference, but this little bag is thicker than what I'm used to making. I actually like the feel and look of this one better, so I'm going to try it again next week some time.

This weekend I plan on working on my baby girl quilt. I already have a boy one complete...maybe I will actually post pictures of that soon! HA! I would like one of each completed, so I can have them on hand. It would be wonderful if I could have a small inventory of them and show them at a craft fair...but I think that is a ways away.

I haven't figured out what to do with the egg from small group. I think I may just make some kind of baked good out of it and call it a day. I'm sure that's what people would most enjoy anyway.

Ok, well I'm going to wrap this up so I can get working on my next project!



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