Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mall Adventure!

So, when's the last time you spent 2 hours in a mall with a 13 year old girl? How about 4 of them? Or even 8 of them? Sound crazy? Well, it might be...but's just something I do. I wouldn't recommend everyone go running to their church and volunteer in the jr. high youth group, but really if you did it would change your life forever.
When is the last time you found yourself in a fitting room trying on a nightgown? haha! Well, I can honestly say this could possibly be a first for me. My friend Melanie and I took our small groups to the mall today and we had a blast. The only sad part is that we really only got to spend time with 4 girls each and hindsight being what it is...I think it would have been super fun to spend time with all 8 of the girls. So what's with the picture? Well, this is me attempting to look old and frail...there's not much in the way of props in a Sears fitting room, so a nightgown was really all I could come up with.

Melanie and I made up a list of things the girls had to dress up as - then take their pictures. I swear we could have spent another hour doing was quite fun to watch the girls creativity.

To the right we have Bessie, the hippie. We couldn't do much in the forever 21 store because there seemed to be a store associate on guard at all times at the dressing room. Might I say that Bessie is a super fast clothes changer!
To the left we have Keri, Natalie, Lexy, and Bessie all as movie stars...I know - one can hardly recognize them w/ those sunglasses and such! Very bling and high-profile these girls are!

Can I just stress that you really haven't lived until you go shopping with at least 3 or more of these girls.

Next up we have the princess, the picture is a little off, but I think it works well. After visiting Jessica McClintok ALL of the girls have decided that THAT's where they're going for their prom dresses. (you're welcome moms and dads out there)

I will try to wrap this up as quickly as possible, but there is just SO much I want to say. The girls I spent the afternoon with have to be some of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, and innocent girls I know.
I've been their small group leader for going on 2 years now, and really I must say I love them so much. They make me smile whenever I see them. I swear when I'm with them I feel 20 years younger...well...that is unless they start talking about crushes and all that. Haha.

Ok I will post some more pictures because they're just so much fun.

Intense workout!
Bike race!!!!
Bestie Bridesmaids
The Playa
Ready for a ball!
Best girls ever - and that INCLUDES the ones not in this picture (you know who you are!!!)


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