Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, I follow this blog (sweetfloweret - it's posted in my links). Tina has the cutest things on her blog! I love the fact that she posts every day. She has quite the following too! So impressive and inspiring. I was on her blog the other day and she posted the most darling crab fabric! Now - truth be told I don't generally seek out crab fabric, but I thought to myself, "self - you must make something from that!" So - I ran out to the fabric store and bought some!

I'm making a quilt for my friend's new baby (mentioned yesterday). Here is how it's going so far. I've not made a square block quilt before, so I'm just learning as I go. It's turning out okay so far. I have 3 more columns to sew together then I can sew the rows together, then attach the back, stuff in the batting, and apply the edging. I'm a little nervous about applying the edge around the blanket as I've never done this before...but it will be a good experience I suppose. And my gift-ee is more than understanding when it comes to hand-made-with-love flaws. haha!

In other news I've come upon a new game. WORDS. Actually Words with Friends! I remember a few years back I was a part of an online scrabble game among 4 friends. Each of us would take a turn - then the game would go to the next player. It was so much fun! The problem with the game was that it would allow any "word" so once people realized this they made up all kinds of not real words to get I quit playing. NOW this game is back and it won't let you submit bogus words. The only thing is, only 2 people can play during 1 game. You can have multiple games at once, so that's nice. I hope they upgrade it to have 4 people to a game, how fun!

Tonight is the last night of my small group at church. It's had its ups and downs. Overall I think it was a good experience and I'm looking forward to the next small group study. Lina announces what "it" is tonight! I can't wait!!!


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