Sunday, May 1, 2011

A New Toy

I absolutely love new toys! Who doesn't? There are very few things more self-fulfilling to me than opening a brand new digital/electronic gadget. Just like a child I will more than likely take it everywhere I go and show it off for weeks. I just get so excited over gifts...especially when they are higher dollar gifts!

I don't consider myself terribly materialistic, I just love giving and receiving gifts. My husband and I share that trait, so it works out great for us both. (except in terms of minding our budget constraints)

I recently received a new ipad2 for my birthday. I was shocked, speechless even. I couldn't believe my husband got one for me...he totally surprised me and it was wonderful. In the last 2 weeks I have spent more time in the App Store than I'd like to admit. I've discovered Words with Friends (another great time waster, but I still think it's valuable because it's educational...right?) and loads of wonderful free apps. Each time I download an app it's like getting another small gift!

Gifts like this can be used for the good or for the bad. In my case I think I've done an okay job of keeping a good balance, but I must say it wasn't easy at first. I admit...I took it to work so I could keep up with "words with friends" the first and second day I owned the iPad. This was a poor decision and has since stopped for obvious reasons. Another not great side of having this new technology is that I often sit right next to my hubs on the couch and play with the iPad, while he watches 24. I would not define this use of our time as "quality".

So, I'm on a quest to use this thing for some good. I downloaded a Bible app as well as a blog app. For the next month I'm going to do my best to go through a 31 day Bible study and write out my thoughts each day. Each day the study asks questions about the passage(s) that I will answer. I will post the passage I am reading as well as my thoughts and answers to the posed questions. I'm looking forward to this!

I hope my 2 followers are as well!


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