Friday, May 6, 2011

New focus.


I've been in a bit of a funk lately...I hate it when life suddenly becomes "all about me". It's so awkward. I find myself running discussions about me this me that...and I wonder how any of my friends or family can put up with this. Thankfully...I don't think it happens too much, but when it does I'm sure it's annoying for everyone.

This week I turned 33. Crazy. I can't believe that I'm now well into my 30's. I don't know why it's so weird to me? It just is. I know in some cases I feel like I should have kids by now. I'm pretty sure the cat's outta the bag and just about everyone knows me and the hubbs are trying for a baby. If you are reading this, you know me, and you don't know that last bit of information - terribly sorry...I really did mean to tell you in person, but I either forgot when I had the chance or I think I already told you. Either way - I love you :) and meant to tell you! lol

This week was difficult and I think that's what's playing into my "all about me" week. Well I would suppose my birthday plays into it as well, so I don't feel awful about it - I just need to do some changing.

I've had no "quiet time". I think I will just skip over the other mundane details of the week and get to the real source of why it's been such a rough week. I've spent no time with the very one I call God. You would think by now He'd be a total priority every day, but I still struggle especially when I'm not attending a small group. I have a hard time just sitting down and reading the Bible on my own. I have a hard time admitting that honestly...but it's true.

I recently listened to a sermon a friend posted on her blog. It highlighted that it was our responsibility to getting OUT of any funk we might be doing a few "simple" basic things. These are the notes I took while listening...

I want to remain aware of God's love.

Keep yourselves in the love of God. Keeping myself in the love of God is my responsibility...not my husband's, not my church's, and not my small group's job.

God works in us, with us, against us, or without us.

3 Ways to keep yourself in God's love

Build myself up in my "most holy faith" preach and apply in my own heart. Grow in my understanding of the gospel. Each and every day.

How do I do this?
- listen to worship music. nothing really lifts my spirits quite like listening and singing along with worhsip music...there's just something so fulfilling about it.
- praying - this is a little more difficult for me. I need a quiet environment for structured prayer. I do, however try to send up various prayers during quiet moments...
- wait for His mercy. This is really really hard. Wait? Who likes to wait? This is opposite of everything in me. I must remember - what I'm waiting for - makes ALL the difference.

All of this comes from the book of Jude. How terribly wonderful! I'm going to go see my best friend's new baby - named JUDE! What perfect timing!

This coming week I will have a new focus. Spending time in the Word is a must. No matter what! Even if I have to put off my craft room!!


daniel.and.stefanie said...

I love that you watched the video and liked it :) It is really what I needed to hear this week!

Rach said...

YEp! Thanks for the encouragement!

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