Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just a little overwhelmed...

So here I am sitting at my house tonight while my hard working hubbs is in the garage staining the cabinet doors. I must start out by saying how incredibly proud I am of him. He has worked soooooo hard to get the kitchen as "done" as possible. To really understand, you would need to know him and then you would get what a big deal it is for him to be working right now and not enjoying sitting and watching TV. In the last week he has completely cleared out our upper cabinets, sanded them, cut a few new shelves for them, stained and clear-coated them. We worked together to put the stuff back in...and are still not quite done with that...making our kitchen look like a war zone.

He is now finishing the new cabinet doors (you know the ones he MADE with his bare hands) by assembling them, staining and clear-coating. I am just so impressed by him. Oh and not to mention he's been dealing with a near-9-month preggo wife! What a trooper! (this same wife doesn't sleep much and when she does...apparently snores louder than he ever thought possible)

Ahhh pregnancy. I haven't really done a "play by play" for this pregnancy...probably because that is just too much writing. I'm currently at week 35. I am experiencing those Braxton-hicks contractions from time to time and my back is almost constantly hurting. Sleep isn't restful anymore. I have self-diagnosed myself with restless leg syndrome, which from my understanding is quite common among preggos. I lay down and about 5 minutes later my legs have an awful...irritated....nervous energy feeling.

On the other hand...we are 4 weeks from meeting this little is just soooo overwhelming. Mostly in a good way. I do wish we had a name picked out, but it's fine, we will figure it out eventually. I'm nervous about labor and birth and recovery....then there's breast feeding and all that...but overall...I just wonder what/who she looks like. What will her personality be? I'm hoping she's an easy baby...will she cry a lot? Will she be healthy? I pray for her (and us) at times, but it's really rather hard to pray for someone you haven't met! I know we will love her more tha anything tho.

Ok on to the fun stuff! I just received a couple packages today! I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality images taken by my iPad. It doesn't do well in low light, but i wanted to share them with you.

Our pack n play! Ok's not really the one I truly wanted, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $180 on something that I could get for $80. I personally wanted it to be a little more "girly" than this, but I must admit it goes with our living room decor rather well.

Our diaper bag. Yesssss....there is a much girlier one that I'm dying to have, but it is $80 more and it does the same thing this one does...and Brian will carry this one. We will try this one out and see how it goes. My "mom" side is coming out...evaluating things practically is just not normal for me...Mom would be so proud!

My Brest Friend!! Lol how funny. It's a pillow to help you hold the baby while nursing or just feeding in general.

And finally...................

Yep, I ordered a subscription to Parents. At the very least I will have some tips along the way.

I'd say we are pretty close to if my house wasnt a complete disaster-zone....



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