Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy weekend!!

Things have just been moving right along at the house! It's so crazy how far we have come with our kitchen! I'm so excited to share our progress. Since this baby is camping out, it's given Brian more time in our kitchen!!

First up, the backsplash! Saturday evening our close friends came over and the boys went to work on our backsplash! In return for the help, Brian went to their house the next day and helped with their backsplash! Worked out great! Here's the pics from phase 1....As you can see we still have the doors to put up on 5 cabinets.

Meanwhile, our other good friends were at the hospital having a baby!! Crazy! We totally could have seen them that night, but the text didn't come through until well after the guys had finished. We went and saw them the next day! This is me and Jacob! We're so incredibly excited! Brian took a pass on holding him, he figured he'd have plenty of chances to hold a baby very very soon!

Before we knew it, Monday had come! Time for new appliances! Yay! Oh and grouting our new backsplash. This time I helped! It was my job to wipe up the grout as Brian applied it. What a messy job!! In the future we will cover every square inch with some type of protective layer...because it is EVERYwhere now! Grout it easy, but time consuming, to clean up when it's fresh. It become very challenging to clean up once dry!

We completed the backsplash in about 2 hours. I'd say that's pretty good!

And finally...the appliances came!! Yaaaaaay! We have been saving/waiting for these for a very looooooong time!

The empty space above the stove is where our microwave will go! We will get that in a couple of weeks when my parents visit! Here's to a great and productive weekend!


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