Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Too Puffy!!

Wow, two posts within a week, this must be a record for me this year. This one won't have any pictures though...

Here I am forced to sit on the couch with a make-shift "footbath". {{{sigh}}}. This bath consists of Luke aw,r water mixed with Epsom salts in a bathroom size trash can. The height is good because it allows the water to cover some of my swollen legs, however the width of the thing leaves more to be desired. I can fit my feet side by side with a little overlap, but they are in some what of a "high heel" position.

I must admit, pregnancy has been a little challenging this week. I'm tired all day then when I manage to get myself in bed I just lay there and lay there. Baby Schupbach is even nice to me and only plays around for a little bit after laying down! Last night I took a benedryl and that seemed to help me stay asleep, but unfortunately I wake up the next morning in a daze...still feeling exhausted.

Soooooo....I've seen my fair share of people sleeping, falling asleep, open mouth sleeping, and snoring on the train ride home. This time, I'm sure it was ME that someone was texting about. As the train pulled out of the station I got sleepy as usual. I leaned my head against the window and relaxed. Then a guy decided that the other half of my seat looked inviting, so he sat down. That's fine with me...I'd rather not share a seat on the ride home, but it happens. Back to my I closed my eyes thing I know I jump in my know the JUMP I'm talking about...the one where you are drifting off to peaceful sleep when suddenly you feel like you're falling off a cliff!! Yep...pretty sure the whole train car laughed silently.

Shortly after, I stepped off the train only to notice how incredibly uncomfortable walking was! My shoes were cutting into my feet! How awful! I somewhat limped to my car and drove home only to find, upon taking off my socks, that I had the biggest monster feet I had seen to date! Brian was even surprised! Between extremely swollen and exhausted I decided to skip small group tonight. I'm rather sad because I miss the girls, but I will attempt to get these dogs back to a normal size and get some rest!

Here's to putting your feet up!


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