Saturday, May 26, 2012

1 week to go...hopefully

Ok, so I always forget to take pictures of myself! Today I've done just that, but I apologize, its taken in the bathroom. Generally speaking when there's an opportunity for Brian to take a picture of me we either forget or I'm a mess. Today I feel somewhat human, so this is the best I can do!

Please don't judge the dirty mirror or clutter! :). The lighting isn't great either lol, but at least I now have 39 weeks documented!

The doc says I'm in the same place as last week. No dilation yet. I got the impression that Brian was a little disappointed. No big deal really, the baby is very low at this point. I'm shocked she can reach my ribs with her little feet! I bet she's a long baby.

Today I like the name Evelyn more. Pretty sure yesterday I liked Claire the best. Haha! Who knows what she will look like?? We will all soon find out!

In other news our grill took a dive. Our friend Eric was over and Brian started the grill like normal, threw some bacon and onions on...and went to go grab the burgers. I looked outside on our deck and saw black smoke billowing from the grill. "Hey baaaaabe???" I said. "is the grill supposed to smoke that much?". Thinking I was overreacting (which might or might not often be the case when it comes to smoke or fire) he slowly walked over and him and Eric inspected the flames. Indeed...they were NOT normal and it was quickly decided that he would utilize out fire extinguisher!

The glow you are seeing is not fire. It's actually a reflection from me taking the picture from inside...and not opening the sliding glass door. With the grill sitting where it can't see a couple more things...

Item 1 - the new propane tank with the burnt grease running all over...gross! I'm so glad we had an extinguisher though! Big flames + lots of propane could have gone way wrong!

Item 2 - melted siding!! Oops! Now what?? Let me know what suggestions you have for covering this unsightly mess!

Well, there you have it! The excitement for the week! I can't wait to update you on the progress of our kitchen!!

Backsplash goes up tonight!


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