Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I love birthdays...specifically my birthday. I love the attention and the gifts! I really really love getting gifts! It's so much fun!

Last Friday was my birthday and it was wonderful! It started with me going to work, but that's work they gave me a card and then we had ice cream cake! It was a pretty good workday overall. My boss even told me to take the earlier train home! Great start!

Upon arriving home Brian gave me my long awaited present!!

It was so nicely wrapped! I would love to show you, however my blog app is being dumb, so we will just have to skip to the good part!

As I was opening this..I thought this must be a I getting a really nice watch right now?!?

It was sooooooo pretty! It took me a while to really decide I truly liked it. It wasn't really about whether I liked it or not...I did like it, but the watch felt much cooler than I feel at the moment...or...really ever. I just felt like someone much more cool than I should be wearing it.

I felt so bad because I'm sure Brian was looking for a super big reaction, but I didn't deliver on that. I put it on and just looked and looked at it. It was so pretty. Finally after some time I decided that it would be perfect for me. Then became excited about telling everyone about my amazing present from my husband!

We went out to dinner with friends the following night, I'm so sad we didn't take pictures! First to pizza then a super crowded Fro-yo place.

Then on Monday my birthday continued! How can I be so lucky?! Brian made reservations 3 months in advance to "Girl and the goat". What a wonderful place! It was very exciting and fun! The menu was so adventurous! I was so proud of him for venturing out!!

They make fresh bread every day! Had to try it!! This was served with butter and beer cheese!!

Next beans!

Possibly the best green beans I've ever had!

Next we each picked a dish. I chose scallops and he chose pork shank. Neither of us were disappointed!

Incredibly rich food!!!

After stuffing ourselves on dinner, I just had to see the dessert menu! After all...what is a birthday dinner without dessert?

I selected a creme brûlée. Upon receiving it...I got so excited that I forgot to take a pic!

Here's the nearly-licked-clean bowl! Soooooo yummy!

I had a wonderful birthday and felt so special! Not only did my husband cook for me (best nachos ever) on my actual birthday, but he watched "we bought a zoo". Such a cheesy family movie...loved it! I was also treated to one of the best pedicures ever by my friend Becca and got a perfect ready-to-go baby scrapbook from my friend Stef. Honestly...I could not have asked for a better birthday weekend!



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It was a divine pedicure! Glad for a good excuse to go!

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