Friday, June 1, 2012

Full-term Eve

So here I am in the kitchen eating strawberries and milk (with just a dash of sweet cream coffee creamer). I'm thinking about what it's really going to be like to be a mom. Through this whole pregnancy I have been surrounded by such supportive, amazing people. They have never been short on encouraging words and many have offered multiple helping hands.

It's the day before my due date...I'm not sure I can even describe how I'm feeling. I definitely feel a lot of pressure in my tummy! I feel somewhat tired because I consistently have trouble falling asleep. I feel excited to meet this baby girl of ours. I feel...Happy that I'm going to be a mom...nervous at the same time. Glad to be so near the end of carrying around this additional weight, but at the same time...this tummy does get me a lot of positive attention!! Lol!

I'm so glad we have the majority of our kitchen work done. I'm so ready to have our garage back (well...hopefully soon) and the tools put away. I will be really happy to have my husband back! He's spent so many long hours in the "shop" (garage). Our kitchen is now a completely different room! We have 2 more cabinet doors to hang (and a microwave to hang above the stove) and then it's complete! (well at least it will look complete) Not sure that will happen before the baby is here, but I'm okay with that!

I truly wish I liked just 1 name. I really hope she comes out looking like a Claire or an EV! (evelyn). I like the meaning behind Claire more than I like the meaning of the name Evelyn, but I don't really want to base it off that either. I will just plan on getting through labor then deciding. Brian doesn't feel strongly either way.

Tomorrow at 11:30 I have my doctors appointment. At the very least I hope he says I'm progressing. I have almost accepted that this little girl wants her own special day and doesn't want to share it with my grandfather. (june 2nd was his bday). I am so excited to meet her...regardless of what day she makes her appearance...I just hope it's really soon!!


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