Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Busy during my downtime...

Shutterfly allows you to customize your photo book just the way you want.

So, I've been busy making a photobook on Shutterfly.  Since the baby has decided to hang out a few more days in my stomach, I figured I might as well make good use of the extra time I have.  I'm sure having the extra time right now is both a blessing and a curse!  Very soon I will looooong for an extra 5 minutes to do anything, however now I work hard to try and stay busy!  
Being 9 months pregnant definitely has its limits.  I don't have an endless supply of energy and when my body feels that I have done enough - it starts to ache and cramp.  Bummer!  It hasn't been terrible until really today.  This morning began with an Exedrin Tension pill.  After getting up and having breakfast I plopped myself right on the couch for a nap!  Crazy!  I had plans to go to Mariano's, clean up the house a little more, do laundry and dishes etc... but my body had other plans!  Everytime I would get up to do something my stomach would tighten more and more until a nerve in my hip would send shooting/stabbing pains through my hip area.  So much for washing the floor today!  Thankfully I have all the major stuff I want to do out of the way!
I am hoping that either my water breaks tonight or I have a more productive day tomorrow!  
The good side of today is that I am VERY well rested...the bad news is that it's highly likely I will not sleep tonight!!  Who knows...maybe I can wash the floor at midnight haha!

Anyway, the photo book is a compilation of 2011 events.  It doesn't have everything in it, but it does have a good representation of what happened through the year.  Hope you enjoy!


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