Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 34 - SO many things to talk about!

Since I have last written I've had TWO baby showers!  I'm hoping to write about each individual one, so first up is Chicago.  My mom flew out from Omaha and brother and sis-in-law drove out.  Brian's mom, sis, and sis-in-law drove out from Michigan.  They also brought Brian's nieces!  What a great way to celebrate!

One of my bestest friends, Becca, put together a beautiful and 'perfect for me' shower.  Homemade cupcakes, candied almonds, and pink lemonade...YUM!  There was a onesie decorating contest and the result was LOTS of fun and cute onesies!!
 The "before" picture...
 The completed onesies!
The winners!!!  My adorable Jr. High girls!

 I love that Emily and Gina were able to make it!  They brought me some adorable books AND a diaper cake!
 Awwe - they did such a great job on the onesies!
 Diaper cake!
 Here's Viv's onesie!  Can't wait to try it on the baby...
 Can't even think what life would be like without these two!  Becca and Stef...Love them so much!
 The 'grandmas' so excited to meet this little girl.
My small group (minus Danielle) What a wonderful group of women!
 Look at ALL those gifts!!! Time to open them!
 Grandma Barb gave me a very old, very special book - Brian's favorite as a kid.  She looked for a NEW one and found that it would have cost her over $100!!!
 A Horton blankie!!!
 Tag blankie...homemade by Sara - love it!
'Daddy' stopping by to thank everyone!  We are SO grateful for everything.

Overall, I can't even express how blessed I am.  The shower was so beautiful and well done.  It was perfect.  There are SO many more wonderful pictures and memories I have, however I'm trying to keep this relatively brief.  I loved the gifts and decor and treats...I could go on and on!  Next up will be the Michigan Shower!!

Oh - quick update on me and the baby.  We are doing pretty well.  She is getting bigger and so is my tummy! We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Our first 2 week appointment is tomorrow...we're getting close.  This week Brian and I will wrap up our 4 week "labor and delivery" class.  It's been helpful and scary at the same time.  When we visited the delivery room - it was pretty unsettling for me.  On one hand it was good to get a real picture of where we would go - what would happen etc...  On the other's all sooooo overwhelming.  the more I talk to current moms...the 'slightly' better I feel.  

6 weeks to go...maybe less???


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Your Baby Shower looked like so much fun! I need your address to send you a gift

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