Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 32

Well, here we are at week 32. I can definitely say that I'm excited about meeting the little girl that continues to grow inside my belly.

I feel bigger than ever...and now that I've seen recent pictures of me I can say I look bigger than ever. That being said, I have now been told twice that I'm "tiny". Really?! What was I before??

Pregnancy for me has definitely been a challenge and a journey. I still feel like I have yet to get to the really difficult phase though. My baby's kicks and movements are getting a lot stronger now days and I find that I lose energy through out the day. Losing energy isn't anything new, but I guess I feel like I notice it more now. My body definitely feels very taxed and it's not responding very well to the additional 30lbs I've picked up. I know weight gain is perfectly normal, but it's an all together new experience for me. I think the thing that most bothers me is the achy-ness that comes with carrying this little bundle around. My pelvis is constantly under pressure and my back is always strained. The only other thing is that I'm constantly going to the bathroom and waking up at night. I am told that all of this is normal and it will get worse before it gets better. Sweet.

We recently started a labor and delivery class at the hospital. I'm hoping this will help me decipher what is "normal" in the pregnancy and what isn't. It will also aid Brian in knowing what the heck to do during the onset of labor (and maybe a bit before). Upon arriving last week we realized that we should have brought pillows for me to sit on during the practice relaxation time. Their floor is rather hard and uncomfortable, so it makes relaxation a little difficult.

During the class I saw what 10cm dilated looks like...I'd say thats pretty scary. I will try not to get worried about the whole process, but sometimes it's more difficult than others!

I'm hoping to update with pictures soon. I am getting the pictures from my shower tomorrow, so should have a few up by next week! Only 8 more weeks to go...heh...only.



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