Saturday, August 6, 2011

New challenges! Week 1 Day 1

K, here goes...

I've decided that I need to take action! I have groaned and complained and whined about how my waistline and tummy aren't exactly where I want them to be. Now before you go rolling your eyes at me, hear me out. If you know me, you know that I am indeed thin framed, however you probably don't realize that my midsection is the 1st/only place my fat has found a resting place. (well and my upper thighs too, but I would imagine no one really sees that part of me often). Adding fat to my waistline makes it very hard to find pants because what fits in the waist sags in the butt. Ridiculous. I know I know, those of you who struggle with weight are probably sick to their stomachs right now and playing the worlds smallest violin for me. But hey, I figure this is my blog to write about what I struggle with...if you think it's petty, that's totally okay with me. :)

A friend of mine suggested the couch to 5k for me. You must understand...I am close friends with 2 women who ran the Chicago marathon...the MARATHON! How intimidating. I have shot their friendly invites to run with them more times than I can remember. It's a wonder they don't ridicule me for even bringing up this whole exercise thing, I mean I have started more exercise programs than I care to share with you!

So, I've decided to take on a 60 day challenge and hopefully blog about my journey. Today was the first day. Week 1 Day 1. The couch to 5k program. How terribly humbling. Couch to 5k? Really this is what I've come to? This morning I was reminded of how not in shape, lack endurance, and how NOT flexible I am! Lol, this should be fun, right?

Today it was 75 and humid outside. I set out for my 5 minute warm-up brisk walk. As I passed the houses in my neighborhood I thought to myself how goofy I must look. Haha, ok 5 minutes were up, time to start jogging for 90 seconds. Complete! Ha that was easy and kinda felt good. Now walk for 60 seconds. This seems good too, gives me a chance to figure out where I will run next. Jog 90 seconds...and so on. After 15 minutes of this the regimen started to look like jog for 30 seconds and walk for 3 minutes. {{{eye roll}}} a lesson in humility. I must start somewhere. I'm just glad it was early enough on this morning in Palatine for no one to really be out and about to see me drag mayself back home on my self-imposed 10 minute cool-down walk.

So there you have it, day 1 of week 1. What have I gotten myself into?


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