Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not what I expected.

 WOW!  It's been FOREVER since I've written!  Lots has happened, but I will just brush through the highlights.  I'm probably very rusty at my writing, so stick with me!

How many things in life actually end up how we expected?  I know that in my life lately there have been quite a few things that have come up unexpectedly.  Both good and bad things, you know?  Sometimes I feel like God has me on this Life 101 training program where He purposefully tweaks things to make sure that my own plans never really work out.  I won't say that "my" plans are always bad ones - or even good ones...

Isn't it interesting how plans can just change all of the sudden and it's no big deal? Last night our dinner plans were to make pizzas on the grill, but we had a gift card to one of our favorite places so we went there instead.  No-big-deal change.

Last week we went on vacation with the hub's family and ended up breaking down in the middle of Virginia somewhere.  Big-deal-change in how I thought things were going to turn out!

I guess that's why it's so important to life my life with an "open hand" as they say.  I never want to hold on so tightly to my plans and just completely miss what God has in store, you know?

My husband and I totally thought we'd be parents by now.  We went off b/c over a year ago and have probably been expecting to share 'some exciting news' with our families at some point in the last year!  Well, still waiting.  I'd be lying if I told you that it didn't bother me in the least bit, however the more time that passes the more I realize how little control I really have over getting pregnant.

I'm about to start a new job in August!  I am going back to IT recruiting.  I'm very excited about the people I'm going to work with and the company I am joining.  I'm sure there will be some expectations that will come up short, but overall I feel good about my decision to leave my current company.  It does make me sad though, to leave a company after being there 5 years. I'm also sad because I'm leaving behind some really cool people I've met through working for my company.  I look forward to keeping in touch with them, though! I'm sure I will write more later after I begin a new chapter in my professional life.  For now that's all.


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