Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last weekend

Generally I post for two reasons:

1) Something major in my life happens.  Not necessarily life threatening or changing or anything...just something is different about my life and I want to talk about it.

2) I feel like I have to post because I haven't in a long time.  In this posts are probably pretty weak.  Much weaker than normal.

I completely spaced posting about my brother getting married!  I feel aweful.  I think facebook sometimes interferes with how much I write on this blog.  If I post pictures and comments on facebook about something, I just figure I'm done with it.  In this case, my brother's wedding is definitely something that I want to talk about.

The wedding was held at Christ is Lord church in Omaha,  NE.  I went to this church for a few years and my parents still go.  The weekend started off with the rehearsal dinner on Friday night where the families got to meet each other and all that.  After the rehearsal, we went over to Brother Sebastians restaurant.  I  must say that the tone of the evening was very...umm...different than I've ever experienced.  The bride's parents are very VERY reserved for sure.  It was rather hard to tell if they were shock??  I think it definitely threw most of us off.

At the dinner I got to chit-chat w/ her Dad and he seemed to be pretty cordial.  I'm hoping that as time goes on, our families will naturally become more acquainted and meshed together.  Her parents did throw a nice brunch after the wedding day for Matt and Jess to open gifts.  I wasn't able to go, but my parents did and they had a good time.  Said Jess's mom made an excellent quiche!

The wedding was fun and beautiful.  Jess made the most stunning bride and Matt was decked out and looking great as well.  I had the privilege of reading during the ceremony, so that was cool.  They originally asked  me to stand in the wedding, however I declined thinking I'd be pregnant by that time. Heh...well...clearly God had other plans!  Her BM's had hairpieces though!!  All of them looked like they had long hair, it was blended SO well!  I just couldn't believe it!  How fun would it be to have long hair for an evening?!?  I totally want to try it now.  So - if anyone wants to try it with me...I'm in!!!

The reception had a candy-bar at it - filled with all sorts of yummy candies!  It was adorable!  The reception hall was cute and decorated nicely as well.  Their cake was chocolate and they served cupcakes to the guests.  Gotta love that!  The couple was so happy the whole night - it was wonderful to see.  I am a little sad that Brian and I didn't dance together.  He DID however come up and do the Cuban Shuffle with me - which kinda counts as dancing w/ me...  they played "our song" (our 1st dance wedding song) during the dollar dance, so we couldn't go up and dance.  And some of the dj selections weren't terribly dance-friendly, so I'm thinking we just never took advantage of the slow songs that were played.

Here are some pictures from the rehearsal and wedding...

 Matt and Jess at the rehearsal dinner
 This is the 1st time they're seeing each other on their wedding day!
 One of the 100's of pics they had to pose for! haha
 Waiting for the bride....
 more waiting for the bride - sharp looking GM though!
 even more waiting for the bride....great looking wedding party!
 There she is!!
 This is their cute cake topper - they had yummy chocolate cake, however I didn't have any because I had filled up on sweets at the candy-bar!
 The Candy Bar
 Even Mom participated in the Dollar Dance
 I love this picture of me and the hubs...only is it me or does he have 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye in this pic?
Jess and her flower girl dancin' it up!  The other little girl was a dancing maniac too!


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