Wednesday, March 12, 2014


There's so much I want to share with you right now! I'm so humbled by God's provision and's hard to even know where to start. I guess I will start with the most exciting news...but not without some back story. Yesterday I had what I thought was a final interview with a fairly new player in the IT staffing industry. I must admit I was very skeptical in exploring the opportunity. I couldn't ignore that a trusted colleague in the business had been working there and was loving it.

I talked with the recruiter and we seemed to hit it off right away. She shared the role with me and for the first time in a while I became truly excited about a job opportunity as well as the company. I was invited to their office the very next day to meet the team and one of the co-founders. I won't lie...the meeting was exhausting! It was all extremely positive, but when you are engaged in the interview process with 6 people in the matter of 2 wears you out! I walked away feeling extremely energized and excited. The recruiter assured me I'd me talking to the CEO within a couple days. Meanwhile I was exploring other opportunities...but I couldn't help but have this one on my mind constantly!

The interview with the CEO was yesterday. We were on the phone for nearly an hour. He was extremely professional, engaging, and warm. His vision and passion for this company was clear and contagious. The next thing I know I was booked for a 6am flight out of Midway this morning! I got up at 3:30am and was at the airport going through security at 4:30! Crazy.

When I arrived in Atlanta I was a bit disoriented. I really didn't feel like myself at all. The recruiter picked me up from the airport and I felt completely at a loss for words. For the life of me I couldn't make conversation. My mind was completely useless. I was starting to get nervous that I would not do well. We arrived at the office and went in. At this point I didn't even notice I kept my coat on for an unusually long period of time. So much so the recruiter drew attention to it! Oopsie haha.

Well I'm not sure what happened between removing my coat and sitting down with the first person on the schedule to meet...something clicked. (Thank you to those of you praying). I was back! Excited, focused, and ready to land this job.

The afternoon flew. At the end I found myself shaking hands with the CEO and joining their team!!!!!!!

I start Monday! Lots of work to do from there on out, but I'm excited. Now we are in the process of working out daycare for my little monster. This whole process was incredible. So here I am on the other side knowing the Lord is faithful and he does indeed answer prayer. This is one of those posts I will refer back to when things get tough. Oh...and those other job opportunities? Many of them dropped off one by one as I moved forward in this process. Verifying in my mind and heart that this is the opportunity for me!



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