Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's been a while

So - during my last post I think I stumbled upon what I wanted to do with this blog...and it's been so long since I posted...I'm not really sure I remember what I decided on... ha!

Well - I will say that I am TOTALLY pumped that I got a new purse! I have officially upgraded in size of bag! Brian teases me about how much I could actually fit in my new bag. To make his point last night he stuffed a small blanket inside it and threatened to zip it in! I was actually pretty surprised that the whole blanket fit w/out even folding it! Impressive!
I hope to get a lot of use out of this bad boy!!! It was pretty inexpensive when you consider the other bags I've thought about buying. Thanks Urban Outfitters!

I'm currently working on 2 baby quilts. One is for a boy and the other for a girl. I love making baby quilts because I can finish them super fast! (well super fast meaning a matter of weeks as opposed to months) Why baby quilts? Well - maybe I have baby on the brain right now - just maybe...but don't push it okay? heheeehee

I haven't decided where they are going yet - on etsy? as gifts? who knows really. I just enjoy making them. I think my next mission is to make a quilt from reclaimed fabrics. Sounds like a good challenge, you know? Who knows - it might be cheaper too! lol.

This week I'm going to Omaha to visit my family. Should be fun. I know my husband is probably looking forward to some "me" time however is dreading the fact that his cook and laundry fairy are also going to Omaha. I'm sure he will live haha.

Recently a voice from the past contacted me on facebook - he was the cool kid in high school - well one of them above my level in the high school caste system it was ridiculous. Now days...over 15 years since graduation...he's just another guy. Sure he's part of my childhood and I'm interested in how life has treated him and all that, but really...all those anxiety feelings and nerves don't exist anymore when speaking to him. Well - when fb messaging him - I highly doubt we will ever see each other face to face again. My point being...I am so glad high school is in the past! It was mostly a good time and all that - but now that I'm an adult I can really embrace who and what I am. Not be afraid of being made fun of or being ridiculed...I can just be the little crafty maxine that I want to be. So thanks guy from the past for reminding me that high school was a long time ago and I'm just not that little unsure of herself girl anymore! (I bet he has no idea all that was inspired by just a little fb note that says HI) hahaaaaha

So - back to my trip to Omaha. Oh! Maybe I will have a chance to go to the thrift store there - there are SO many thrift stores in Omaha it's ridiculous!

Ok - this post is long enough. Will type more tomorrow!


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