Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yay for fresh starts!!

I predict that this year will be the best yet! 2011 we are ready for you! My brother is getting married, so we will add another member to the family! Grandma's 90th birthday party is in May this year. A wedding and a major birthday - how wonderful!

2010 was full of huge blessings...
- celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary
- went on vacation with very good friends of our
- started another ministry year with Jr. High at our church
- thanksgiving with grandma and christmas with brian's family
- less tummy trouble for rach
- lots of DIY progress for brian and the kitchen project
- continued employment for both brian and rach during the year - what a blessing in this economy!
- brian's dad went back to work at GM - after being laid-off for an extended period of time

That's really enough said for the 1st post of the year! God is good!!

Happy New Year!!


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