Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It all happens so quickly!

There's so much build up to Christmas and seeing family and opening presents. What a rush! The excitement of just opening 1 gift for Christmas Eve...leading into Christmas morning that's filled with yummy food, family, and a TON of gift opening.

To truly appreciate Christmas with the must know that Mom Shoebox is NUTS about Christmas - she loves everything Christmas. Lights, shopping, crowds, family, food...I think she even secretly likes cleaning up the mess of 3 days that we leave with her for some odd reason. Christmas just can't be matched in Michigan. This year's proposal might have threatened the crazy gift pile we are used to seeing when over for Christmas. You see - generally when you enter the house you are greeted by the most beautiful Christmas tree you possibly have ever seen (only rivaled by Brian's sister who has an equally beautiful, yet sophisticated tree). White lights, colorful lights mixed with blinking lights and ribbon cascading from the top of the tree where the watchful angel sits. Yes - of course this angel moves its arms wide open and shut again to welcome you into this joyous occasion that we are about to celebrate.
There are enough presents under the tree to make you smile...but only " the adult presents" as grandma would say. "Santa has not come yet - so all the childrens' present are not there yet"

Christmas morning: CHAOS. You wake up and saunter downstairs to find an endless mountain of presents. Soon the kids arrive and present opening begins! No time for breakfast - we've got presents to open! One by one the presents are handed out and opened...this is a good 2 hour process! No one has ever seen anything like it, I'm sure. Everyone buys everyone else gifts. VERY FUN to open...however difficult to budget for!

Christmas at the Shoebox's is wonderful and will continue to be wonderful no matter what gift-giving alternative scheme we come up with! Next year there's talk of drawing names and having less gifts...we will see how it goes...

Christmas at my family's was exciting as well! We will have a new family member soon! Welcome to Jess! My brother proposed, ever so cleverly, to his girlfriend for Christmas! She said yes and our family is thrilled! She is indeed a wonderful addition to the family!

Brian and I are glad to back in Chicago. Despite a gross run in with a drain that backed up (again) in our house we are happy to be home and almost back to our routine.

Our new year plans are to spend a relaxing evening together with a good beer and a glass of wine along with a delicious steak on the grill. YUM!


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