Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Rush!

Ok I think I've mentioned that I love Christmas! I love Christmas! I love giving gifts and getting gifts...I love opening them and shopping for them! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Today is an awesome day! I got my 1st Christmas present in the mail yesterday - I must admit...I opened it. It's SO hard to wait! It was a cute set from Bath and Body works and a Starbucks card. YES! Thank you to my boss, Mary!

This morning I came in to a wonderful present from my amazing friend Kristin! She is SO sweet and bought me real life fashionable grown up gloves! I have leather gloves YES! They're so incredibly soft and lovely. I want to be typing with them on right now! I'm actually anxious to go outside and wear them while driving!

I have nearly completed my shopping for gifts (well for Brian's family) and will probably wrap up sewing a couple gifts this weekend. I will post pictures when completely finished! AND will probably post pics of when they are opened and used/worn.

Brian has been in good spirits for how much he is working. He even got up super early to go to his Bible Study on Wednesday morning - I was pretty impressed.

Ok well - this one is going to be brief because I have a happy hour to run to and I still need to get some work done before I leave!!!

Merry Christmas!


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