Monday, December 6, 2010

19 days till Christmas!

Yes...I'm one of "those" I love Christmas. I wish I could say I love it for nothing other than the celebration of the birth of Jesus...but really...truly...I pretty much love everything else as well. Shopping with 1000's of others, masterfully figuring out what everyone wants, wrapping, decorating, and opening gifts!! Being with family (which I wish that my family and Brian's family could all combine one day) is so wonderful. Christmas carrols, yummy food, cookies and treats! Baking, candles...even snow (when I can stay home and drink hot chocolate).

I get in this uber-craft mode! I must scrapbook, sew, quilt...learn something new! Jewelry? Crochet? What will be next? It's hard for me to come down on the busy time of the year - because I love all the business!!! So much fun!

This weekend I spent the better part of Saturday working on a scrapbook for my boss, Mary. She's so excited about it! I am excited as well because someone is actually purchasing my work! I have a website on ( that is very limited. I hope to be doing craft fairs next year...but who even knows? I like the concept of Etsy...I just wish I could be more interactive with potential buyers. Someday maybe I will embrace it more and do some marketing and such...

I have nearly no Christmas shopping done! Oops! For the last 2 years now I have purchased so few things on Black Friday that I'm questioning whether it is worth the early morning wake up! This year I didn't even get up early...well that's because my husband agreed to take me shopping...and the last thing I want is a sleepy husband shopping with me! For our marriage sake...I let him sleep in! ha! I still got super deals...just not very many of them.

December 11th is my day to get my shopping done!


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